The 1st twin in 2022, of a natural pregnancy!

Ms. A.C had the dating scan at 9 weeks on 18th January 2022, and found she is having a twin of the natural pregnancy!






Ms. A.C was the 33rd also the last pregnancy of our fertility success in 2021, congratulations to you!


No.33 Pregnancy of 2021, congratulations to Ms. A.C in December 2021!

Our last fertility success was achieved by Ms. A.C who found herself pregnant naturally on Christmas Eve after 3 months of the Fertility Enhancement Herbal Medicine and 1.5 months of acupuncture!






The hormone tests on the next day have confirmed the pregnancy with strong readings!







Congratulations to you for having the best ever Xmas present!

No.23 Pregnancy of 2021, congratulations to Ms. C.N in August 2021!


The 23rd pregnancy of 2021 was achieved by Ms. C.N with PCOS at the second embryo transfer, also the first ET after our fertility treatments since March!



The first HCG test wasn’t ideal but the second test indicated a steady growth and confirmed the chemical pregnancy!



The 3rd HCG is over 1,000!




Congratulations to you!


No.22 Pregnancy of 2021, congratulations to Ms. M.K in August 2021!


The very exciting news from Ms. M.K has brightened our lockdown crisis, she found herself falling pregnant naturally with bilateral tubal blockages 2 months before their first IVF cycle!


This was another miraculous success of our fertility treatment as Ms. M.K also has low AMH (4.5 pmol/L) and reversed FSH/LH ratio!



The pregnancy was further confirmed by the blood tests, all indexes are well developed!



The baby heartbeat was captured on 14th September 2021 at 6 weeks+ 1 day!





We are so glad our herbal medicine has not only helped Ms. M.K to keep the precious success but also promoted the baby development, congratulations to you!


No.19 Pregnancy of 2021, congratulations to Ms. A.K in June 2021!

Ms. A.K found herself pregnant naturally on 5th June 2021, after only 3 acupuncture treatments!

The pregnancy has been confirmed by pregnancy tests on the same day, with HCG at 896 on Day 29!

The pregnancy biomarkers are increasing steadily and strong in the next 3 days!

The baby’s little heartbeat was captured 2 weeks later on 24th of June!

We congratulate Ms. A.K for the miraculous success of natural pregnancy in spite of the Stage 4 endometriosis, hypothyroidism and repetitively failed IUI cycles!

No.17 Pregnancy of 2021, congratulations to Ms. J.K in May 2021!

On 12th May 2021, Ms. J.K found herself pregnant NATURALLY on Day 31 of her cycle, after only ONE ACUPUNCTURE in their 16 months of fertility attempts!

The first appointment was one week ago on 3rd May and she fell pregnant straight after the treatment, despite their multi infertility factors!

The 1st HCG test on 12th May 2021, also Day 31 of her menstrual cycle has confirmed the miraculous pregnancy!

Congratulations to you!

No.6 Pregnancy of 2021, congratulations to Ms. K.H in February 2021!

Dr. K.H found herself pregnant naturally, right before they start the first IVF cycle!


This miraculous success was achieved for the patient far away from Auckland by only having purely Telehealth consultation and herbal medicine, and is also the second natural pregnancy Dr. K.H had in 6 months!

And then the baby’s heartbeat was captured on 11th March at 6 weeks + 5 days, confirmed the clinical pregnancy!

Congratulations to you!

Newest Achievement