No.10 Pregnancy of 2022, congratulations to Ms. L.W in April 2022!

The second pregnancy of 12th April was announced by Ms. L.W, she found herself pregnant naturally on Day 32 of the cycle!



And the blood tests on the same day have confirmed the pregnancy too!


And the baby’s heartbeat was captured on 5th May with steady development!


Congratulations to you!



6th Baby of 2022, congratulations on the arrival of Lucas on 22nd February 2022!


On Tuesday the 2nd day of the week, 22nd day of the second month in 2022, also the 22nd day in the lunar calendar of January in the Tiger year, with a lot of “2”s indicating a lot of blessings, the baby of Ms. M.Q arrived safely in the night, weighing 3.5Kg!



Ms. M.Q fell pregnant naturally in June 2021 and carried Lucas to the full term after recurrent miscarriages! 


No.21 Pregnancy of 2021, congratulations to Ms. M.Q in June 2021!

All the sufferings from the morning sickness and pregnancy complications have been paid off by the birth of your baby, congratulations to you and the family!


The 1st twin in 2022, of a natural pregnancy!

Our last fertility success was achieved by Ms. A.C who found herself pregnant naturally on Christmas Eve after 3 months of the Fertility Enhancement Herbal Medicine and 1.5 months of acupuncture!






The hormone tests on the next day have confirmed the pregnancy with strong readings!







She had the dating scan at 9 weeks on 18th January 2022, and found she is having a twin of the natural pregnancy!





The twins are very healthy and active at 12 weeks!



Congratulations to you!


No.21 Pregnancy of 2021, congratulations to Ms. M.Q in June 2021!

The 21st fertility success of Natural Harmony in 2021, was achieved by Ms. M.Q on 17th June 2021, at Day 27!



The pregnancy blood tests on 5W+3D soon confirmed the chemical pregancy on 24th June!




They have passed the NIPT test at 11 weeks and are having a baby boy!




Congratulations to Ms. S.Q for achieving the pregnancy after repeatitive miscarriages in the last 2 years!