Acupuncture is one of the oldest healthcare used since 2,500 years ago for wellbeing promotion and disease healing including gynaecological, andrologic, reproductive and obstetrical disorders.

Not only are fertility and validity improved by acupuncture, but also a person’s sense of calm, their ability to cope with stress, and stabilization of mood, are greatly enhanced. This helps them to cope with the possible negative results of fertility treatment…

Acupuncture has been proven to increase the percentage of sperm with rapid progression and sperm concentration

Acupuncture also has potential positive effects on sperm maturity, quality and fertilizing ability…

Acupuncture is intended to recover the balance of energy in the body that has been lost in the pathogenic conditions, and is often accompanied by local massage and the use of moxibustion.

The whole treatment then achieves positive outcomes of repairing impairments, improving functions and promoting participations…

Acupuncture is to spike the body’s metabolism by stimulating the channel system and then increasing the metabolic rate significantly and rapidly. This procedure generates body heat which then burns the fat as an energy source, or body fuel.

Herbal medicine is used for detoxification of food retention and surplus body fluid, which are common reasons for excess weight in Chinese medicine. Each herbal prescription is made on the particular individual’s condition…

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