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Dr. Jenny Li (CN)*

Bachelors. Acupuncture (China),
Masters. Health Science in Practice (NZ),
PhD. Acupuncture in Gyne & Fert (China),
Dip. Adult Education (NZ),
Reg. Physician (China),
ACC. Treatment provider (NZ),
Acupuncture NZ. Member,
NZICM. Former Vice President.

Dr. Jenny Li (CN)* is a Traditional Chinese Medical acupuncture specialist with over 25 year experience of practicing and lecturing in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and is holding the highest qualification of Acupuncture in NZ and China. Her Great Grandfather Prof. Sichi Li (statue in the background) founded the first TCM University in Chengdu, Sichuan province China in the 1930’s, which makes Dr. Li (CN)* a 4th generation TCM practitioner. In keeping with her family background, she specializes in gynaecology, fertility and paediatrics, while pain management is her own specialty.

Dr. Li (CN)* graduated from the Acupuncture Institute of Chengdu TCM University in 1994 and practiced in the Sichuan Provincial TCM Hospital. In 2002 she was appointed Registrar specialising in TCM acupuncture and was in charge of the clinical practice of acupuncture, the compiling of textbooks and research.

In 2005 Dr. Li (CN)* emigrated to NZ and started lecturing and clinical supervising at the NZ College of Chinese Medicine. She opened the Natural Harmony clinic in 2006. Apart from her busy clinic work, she has graduated from the PhD of Clinical Acupuncture Science in Gynecology and Fertility in June 2018, with the research project of “Improving the fertility success for women undergoing IVF treatment who exhibit primary ovarian insufficiency”.

Dr. Li (CN)* is a prolific writer and has had numerous articles published in TCM Journals in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom, and has been invited to give international conference speeches and lectures in Europe, Asia and America. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and keeping fit by walking, swimming and performing Tai Chi.

Jifu Li

Dr. Jifu Li (CN)**

Bachelors. Chinese Medicine (China),
Masters. Chinese Clinical Medicine (China),
Professor. Chengdu TCM University (China),
Chief. Specialist of Internal Medicine (China),
President Acupuncture College of Chengdu TCM University.

Dr. Jifu Li (CN)** graduated from the Chengdu University of TCM with a bachelor’s degree in 1969 and in 1981, as one of the first masters degree students in the history of TCM in China, he was honored with a masters degree in TCM endorsed in Jin Kui Yao Lue( Ancient TCM Clinical Medicine).

Dr. Li (CN)** is a retired professor of Chengdu TCM University and chief consultant of Sichuan Provincial TCM hospital. During his half century of TCM education, Dr. Li (CN)** had been the chief editor of Chinese National TCM textbooks including the “Classics of Chinese Acupuncture and Tuina” and the “Prevention and Treatment of Hepatitis”. He has published a number of articles including “TCM Treatment with Herbs for Cancer Pain”, “Chinese Food Treatment and Gerontology” and others.

In more than 50 years of TCM clinical practice, Dr. Li (CN)** has specialized in TCM internal medicine and healthcare, especially for digestive cancers, and has patented a number of herbal preparations such as “Wei Li digestive syrup” and “Mian An sleeping capsules”.

Other positions held by Dr. Li (CN)** have included:
Vice principle of the Nursing Department of Chengdu TCM University (China),
Vice principle of the Sichuan Provincial Acupuncture College (China),
Vice chairman of the Chinese National Textbook Review Committee for TCM Polytechnic Schools (China),
Member of the Chinese Acupuncture Association (China),
Standing committee member of the Chengdu Acupuncture and Tuina Association (China),
Committee member of the Sichuan Provincial Acupuncture and Tuina Association (China),
Standing committee member of the International Oriental Food Treatment Association (Hong Kong).

Dr. Li (CN)** is now retired from the hospital and university in China. He is a resident of New Zealand and is working in the Natural Harmony Clinic. He enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and playing musical instruments including the clarinet, saxophone and keyboard.


Imm Teoh

Reg. Midwife (NZ),
Certificate. in Midwifery Acupuncture (NZ),
Post grad Dip. Health Science in Acupuncture (NZ).

Imm is a registered midwife, trained in the UK who has lived and worked in New Zealand since 1983. She is also an Acupuncturist graduated from AUT. Presently, she is employed as a Community Midwife in South Auckland and practicing privately as an Acupuncturist in South, Central and West Auckland.

Why come and see us?

  • We care about our patients;
  • We treat our patients with the upmost respect and privacy;
  • Our practitioners all have abundant knowledges, skills and experiences to a wide range of health issues;
  • All our practitioners are registered medical professionals either in China or NZ, or in both countries.

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*Dr. Jenny Li holds a PhD of Acupuncture from China, and is also a registered physician in China.
**Dr. Jifu Li is a registered Chief Physician in China.

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