No.6 Pregnancy of 2022, congratulations to Ms. K.B in March 2022!

The 6th pregnancy, also the 3rd case falling pregnant after having only ONE treatment in 2022, was achieved by Ms. K.B!




The HCG test on Day 35 has firmed diagnosed the pregnancy!



The pregnancy was further confirmed by the scan in early April!



Congratulations to you!


5th Baby of 2022, congratulations on the arrival of Inaaya on 10th February 2022!


Baby Inaaya arrived on 10th February 2022 from an urgent cesarean, with very thick hair!



Her mother Ms. A.K fell pregnant naturally after only 3 treatments for the Stage 4 Endometriosis!


No.19 Pregnancy of 2021, congratulations to Ms. A.K in June 2021!

Congratulations to you and the family!


27th Baby of 2021, congratulations on the arrival of P.J's baby on 14th December 2021!

Concerned about having another emergency cesarean and causing danger to the baby again, Ms. approached us for labour induction.



After 3 sessions of acupuncture on 8th, 10th and 12th December, she gave birth to her baby boy naturally! Baby is weighing 3.05Kg, well developed and healthy!



Congratulations to your family!



25th Baby of 2021, congratulations on the arrival of baby Izaan on 22nd November 2021!


Baby Izaan arrived 2 weeks prior to the due date, is well developed and weighing 3Kg!




His mother Ms. R.K achieved the natural pregnancy in April 2021, in spite of the diabeties and high BMI at 51!




With the pregnancy acupuncture and Ms. R.K’s great efforts of weight management, she successfully kept away from gestational diabetes and harvest the live birth! Congratulations to your family!

No.19 Pregnancy of 2021, congratulations to Ms. A.K in June 2021!

Ms. A.K found herself pregnant naturally on 5th June 2021, after only 3 acupuncture treatments!

The pregnancy has been confirmed by pregnancy tests on the same day, with HCG at 896 on Day 29!

The pregnancy biomarkers are increasing steadily and strong in the next 3 days!

The baby’s little heartbeat was captured 2 weeks later on 24th of June!

We congratulate Ms. A.K for the miraculous success of natural pregnancy in spite of the Stage 4 endometriosis, hypothyroidism and repetitively failed IUI cycles!

No.13 Pregnancy of 2021, congratulations to Ms. R.K in April 2021!

On 7th April 2021, Ms. R.K found herself pregnant naturally by the urine test, and it soon was confirmed by the HCG test at 1,550 on Day 33 of her menstrual cycle!

And the baby’s heartbeat was caught on 22nd April at 7 weeks + 2 days, measuring at 11.8mm!

Congratualtions to the precious fertility succuss to Mr. R.K for being at the BMI of 51!