In 2019, there were 26 pregnancies achieved in our practice!

No. 1: Ms. S.G, 41 years old, natural pregnancy, February 2019

No. 2: Ms. M.V.M, 32y, IVF with the only embryo, February 2019

No. 3: Ms. L.H, 33y, natural pregnancy, February 2019

No. 4: Ms. R.B, 40y, IVF with the last embryo also the second pregnancy at our practice, March 2019

No. 5: Ms. L.W, 32y, IVF with the last embryo, April 2019

No. 6: Ms. C.W, 43y, IVF with the last embryo after 3 acupuncture, April 2019

No. 7: Ms. Q.S, 32y, natural pregnancy, May 2019

No. 8: Ms. J.A, 33y, natural pregnancy after 1 acupuncture, May 2019

No. 9: Ms. M,Z 39y, IVF with the last embryo, June 2019

No. 10: Ms. L.W, 35y, natural pregnancy

No. 11: Ms. D.D, 35y, IVF with the last embryo, June 2019

No. 12: Ms. T.P, 38y, natural pregnancy after only 1 acupuncture, June 2019

No. 13: Ms. H.K, 32y, natural pregnancy, July 2019

No. 14: Ms. E.H, 40y, natural pregnancy, June 2019

No. 15: Ms. E.W, 29y, natural pregnancy, August 2019

No. 16: Ms. L.M, 45y, natural pregnancy, September 2019

No. 17: Ms. Z.B, 29y, natural pregnancy, October 2019

No. 18: Ms. L.L, 30y, natural pregnancy, after 2 acupuncture, October 2019

No. 19: Ms. C.S, 37y, IVF with the last embryo, October 2019

No. 20: Ms. T.R, 39y, natural pregnancy after 1 acupuncture, October 2019

No.21: Ms. M.Y, 43y, IVF with the last embryo, October 2019

No.22: Ms. J.B, 36y, natural pregnancy after 4 acupuncture, October 2019

No. 23: Ms. K.S, 44y, natural pregnancy after 3 acupuncture, November 2019

No. 24: Ms. C.T, 38y, natural pregnancy, December 2019

No. 25: Ms. N.M, 34y, IUI, December 2019

No. 26: Ms. E.C, 34y, natural pregnancy also the second pregnancy at our practice, December 2019

Congratulations to you all!

Congratulations to your arrival baby Tobias!

Baby Tobias was born on 14/07/2019, weighing 2.7Kg and is 51.5cm long!

The natural pregnancy of Ms. E.H was confirmed in May 2018 however she lost the baby but fell pregnant again in October 2018!

Congratulations to your family!

Ms. Jody G's blood pressure is reduced and she feels like having a new body!

Ms. Jody G’s blood pressure is reduced and she feels like having a new body after acupuncture weight loss!

To my gorgeous girl Jenny,

I took a leap of faith and gave acupuncture a go for the soul purpose of losing weight and feeling good about myself again.

Your plan for me of a healthy eating program and a special herbal remedy tea especially formulated for my body requirements, combined with a period of then days worked wonders for me. And I found the whole 10 day process so easy and I am so happy as my results were amazing.

Not only did you help me to lose weight, you also taught me how to eat right and stay positive. I had my regular check up with my doctor after treatments with you and he said “wow! Your blood pressure is the best it has ever been” as I suffered from high blood pressure prior to acupuncture.

I left you feeling revitalized and full of energy, my eyes and skin glowing, and I just felt wonderful putting my summer dresses again after losing weight.

I just want everyone to know that Jenny is amazing and is so good t what she does, she is straight up and honest with you and she gets results.

I am 51 years old, and she changed my life, words cannot express my gratitude to this lovely fun lady.

Thank you again Jenny. Xox xox

Lots lover from Jody G, New Lynn

April 2017

Andy lost over 5Kgs and his blood sugar levels dropped out of the danger!

Andy lost over 5Kgs in two weeks and his blood sugar levels dropped out of the danger!

I would like to share my experiences with Jenny and her weight loss Acupuncture program at her Natural Harmony Clinic.

I am a 49year old Male who suffered a heart attack at the age of 47, due to hereditary problems. Due to my condition I am regularly checked by my GP. During one of these visits mid 2016 – I was informed that my blood sugar levels were high and I was in danger of Diabetes setting in. This news scared me due to previous conditions. I was given 3 months to get my levels under control or be labelled a Diabetic and require further medicating.

What could I do?

I already had a low fat, low sugar diet due to the heart attack and was not hugely overweight. The advice given was that even 1-2kg’s lost may be enough to reverse the elevated blood sugar level. Bottom line = I needed to lose some weight, fast. My Wife was seeing Jenny for some treatment to a shoulder injury at the time and that is how I learnt of her weight loss program.

The acupuncture is daily for 2 lots of 5 days with 2 days off in between. It is a relatively pain free process that I have since been able to talk my young daughter into. Nothing to be afraid of here. The 2 week intensive program of diet, acupuncture and Jenny’s special herbs yum) turned out to be the saviour.

I lost over 5kg, my body fat percentage dropped dramatically, I was hydrated correctly and most importantly my blood sugar levels dropped not only out of the danger zone but were better than average! It has been over 3 months since my treatment with Jenny and I’m pleased to say that the majority of the weight lost has remained lost.

I 100% endorse Jenny and her program. I am sure that without her help I would today be taking even more medication.

Andy C, Lynfield

I finally feel like making progress with my weight loss and actually seeing and feeling results.

I have always carried extra weight due to a poorly functioning metabolism. I am active and eat well but nothing shifted the weight. I did the two-week weight loss program and the results have been incredible. I lost 2.4 kilos in my first week and have maintained a great level of energy and my metabolism is finally on its way to functioning properly.

The diet is easy enough to stick to and I can honestly say, this treatment really makes a difference that doesn’t just stop once the program is over. I finally feel like I am making progress with my weight loss and actually seeing and feeling results.!

Ashleen P

Natural Harmony’s acupuncture for weight loss program is tailor made for each individual based on their body constitution, health conditions, lifestyle and their purposes of losing weight.

There are three different methods used for the weight loss program: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Diet, with the acupuncture consists of short-term and long-term acupuncture therapies.

How acupuncture works for weight loss:

939528_014046331_2The short-term acupuncture refers to a two-week daily needle acupuncture applied on specific areas of your body that plays a role in spiking the body’s metabolism, by stimulating the nervous system and increasing the metabolic rate. This procedure will generate body heat and then burn your body fat for an energy source/body fuel. With keeping the caloric intake to minimal for Basic Metabolic Rate, you will start to lose weight.

This acupuncture weight loss treatment can be thought as a ‘tapping’ into your body’s un-burn energy source and is traditionally known as a ‘Slow Burn.’ Oppositely, athletes’ ways of training is a ‘fast burn’ as they are predominantly burning muscles for energy. When athletes pulse training on a particular day their body stops burning the body fuel; however with this acupuncture treatment your body will be burning fat for the entire 24 hour period until the next visit.

939528_003300564_2The mechanism has made our acupuncture weight loss program a strict timetable of every 24 hours within the first two week period, with no more than a 2 hour difference from the previous treatment. For example, if the acupuncture is proceeded at 12pm on the day, then the next treatment must be arranged at neither earlier than 10am, nor later than 2pm.

While the long-term acupuncture is also known as “implanting acupuncture” and “embedding acupuncture” that having a much lower frequency of weekly/ 10 days/ fortnightly or even monthly visit. Along with the use of cupping therapy, we will keep results from your previous short-term acupuncture and maintain your reduced weight.

One more advantage of this program is your body’s skin around the fat areas such as abdomen and buttock will be tightened where acupuncture is performed, unlike with exercise the fat is burned but the skin will sag.

How herbal medicine works for weight loss:

939528_014046331_2Herbal medicine is for the purpose of Detoxification that also individually made upon each one’s condition including Food retention or Excess body fluid.

All the elements above combined with the strict acupuncture timetable treatment your body will keep your metabolic rate spiked will reduce your body fat resulting in your weight loss.

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I went to see Jenny for weight loss from another happy client of the Clinic. After 5 days of acupuncture I had lost 4kg. Of course I was “over the moon” at the weight reduction. What I lost in weight I gained in energy, confidence and a new lease of life, as I was feeling very low in esteem and was severely depressed, but now I am into joining a water walking class, something I would never have even considered before seeing Jenny.

I will be visiting Jenny for top-ups and to keep me honest with my journey to a renewed ME. Thank you Jenny for being so kind, helpful, understanding, friendly and encouraging.

Annette H, Glendene

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