24th Baby of 2021, congratulations on the arrival of baby Alicia on 21st November 2021!


Ms. Y.S and Mr. P.E had their baby girl Alicia on 21st Novmember 2021, at their ages of 40 and 60!



Alicia is a miracle baby in spite of multiple infertility issues her parents had but fell pregnancy naturally, after 2 failed cycles of IVF!





Congratulations to your family!

No.10 Pregnancy of 2021, congratulations to Ms. Y.S at the age of 40 in March 2021!

Ms Y.S is pregnant NATURALLY at the age of 40, with her husband’s age at 60!

The pregnancy was further confirmed by the first HCG test on 17th March 2021 at 630IU, indicating strong attachment!

The baby’s heart beat was soon captured on 9th April 2021 at 7 weeks 4 days with an amazing measurement at 14mm, such a well developed fetus!

We congratulate their miraculous success after failures of IUI and IVF in the past, but conceived naturally right before the IUI treatment being planned for her next cycle!