No.11 Pregnancy of 2022, congratulations to Ms. K.D in April 2022!

The 3rd natural pregnancy on 12th April 2022 was achieved by Ms. K.D, also the second natural pregnancy she had with our fertility treatments!



Her first pregnancy was in February 2020


Congratulations on the 20 pregnancies achieved in 2020! | Natural Harmony Clinic


And she gave birth to baby Declan on 20th October 2020!


Congratulations on the arrival of baby Declan on 20th October 2020! | Natural Harmony Clinic


After long waiting during Easter, the pregnancy has finally been confirmed by the HCG test!



And the baby’s heartbeat was captured at 8 weeks with steady progress!

Congratulations to you, hope it is a little girl this time!



5th Baby of 2022, congratulations on the arrival of Inaaya on 10th February 2022!


Baby Inaaya arrived on 10th February 2022 from an urgent cesarean, with very thick hair!



Her mother Ms. A.K fell pregnant naturally after only 3 treatments for the Stage 4 Endometriosis!


No.19 Pregnancy of 2021, congratulations to Ms. A.K in June 2021!

Congratulations to you and the family!


No.19 Pregnancy of 2021, congratulations to Ms. A.K in June 2021!

Ms. A.K found herself pregnant naturally on 5th June 2021, after only 3 acupuncture treatments!

The pregnancy has been confirmed by pregnancy tests on the same day, with HCG at 896 on Day 29!

The pregnancy biomarkers are increasing steadily and strong in the next 3 days!

The baby’s little heartbeat was captured 2 weeks later on 24th of June!

We congratulate Ms. A.K for the miraculous success of natural pregnancy in spite of the Stage 4 endometriosis, hypothyroidism and repetitively failed IUI cycles!

No.7 Pregnancy of 2021, congratulations to Ms. A.D in February 2021!

The 7th pregnancy of 2021 was achieved by Ms. A.D, at her first IVF cycle and the first embryo transfer!

In November 2020, she had 23 eggs collected and harvested 9 embryos after our fertility acupuncture!

Straight after the embryo transfer in February 2021, she gained good levels of progesterone to ensure the attachment and development!

On 23rd March 2021, at 6 weeks + 6 days of pregnancy, the baby heart beat was caught and it is a big baby with CRL at 10.2mm!

Congratulations to your couple!

Congratulations to Ms. K.D's pregnancy in February 2020!

Ms. K.D is pregnant naturally and has been cofirmed by the hormone tests on 25th February 2020!

The first HCG level was 1,750, both progesteron and estrongen raised too! The HCG has been steadily increasing and doubled up in two days!

Congratulations to you!