No.5 Pregnancy of 2022, congratulations to Ms. K.J in February 2022!


The 5th pregnancy, also a natural pregnancy in our “Year of the Tiger” fertile week, was achieved by Mr. K.J on 10th February!



The hormone tests on 14th Feb have further confirmed the pregnancy with strong levels!





Congratulations to you for the amazing success!


No.2 Pregnancy of 2021, congratulations to Ms. A.R conceiving a twin in January 2021!

Ms. A.R found herself pregnant naturally on Day 22 of her period cycle, at the age of 41!

On Day 27,the pregnancy was confirmed by HCG test, along with equally increased Progesterone!

The baby heart beat was caught on 27th Januray 2021 and free of concerns!

And the second scan at Week 7 on 10th February found one more heart beat, Ms. A.R has conceived a twins NATURALLY!

Congratulations to the big surprise to you and family!

My carpal tunnel is gone and I am now able to work, exercise and lift my kids without any strain!

I went to see Jenny to get help for carpal tunnel in my left wrist, that had been getting worse and worse for months. In only a couple of sessions of massage and acupuncture she had eliminated all pain and instability in my wrist. I am now able to work, exercise and lift my kids without any strain at all!

I highly recommend Jenny’s treatment for this ailment.

Nicky E, Grey Lynn

My period is no longer a monthly nightmare for me!

I have been seeing Jenny for the past four weeks for my period pain. I am so pleased to say that my period pain has improved!.

I have lived with monthly cramps,intense fatigue, blood clots and lack of energy. I saw Jenny once a week for acupuncture and it made all the difference in the world! That first period was 90% better than any I’ve had in the past. I had more energy, relaxed and no more pain. I will continue seeing Jenny for acupuncture because I know that my body will benefit from it.

I highly recommend seeing Jenny for acupuncture to anyone suffering from pain. Thank you Jenny, you have been wonderful!

Podjanee T

I couldn't believe the improvement on my knee after just one acupuncture!

Annette used to suffer from knee pain and found she is unable to exercise as she usually does. It was quite upsetting because she has always been an active and fit person… However after one acupuncture session, the sore knee was fixed.

This is what she said: “I visited Dr Li because I had a sore knee and was signed up to do an 8.5km run in the next 10 days. My knee was most painful when walking down slopes or down stairs. After just one acupuncture treatment, I couldn’t believe the improvement. I went for a walk later the same day and when walking down steps to the beach, I felt no discomfort at all in my treated knee. Actually my other knee felt sore in comparison! I have been incredibly impressed. I highly recommend Dr Li not only for her obvious skills at acupuncture, but also for her lovely bedside manner.

An Introduction to Tuina

Working in accordance with the complex theory of TCM, Tuina is a complete healing system that harmonizes yin and yang and regulates the vital energy (Qi) by using rhythmic compression on to the distributions of channels (X, 2002). It is believed to closely resemble western massage, as many of the techniques are similar (Table 4). In spite of the similarities, there are more than 110 Tuina manipulations ranged from light stroking to deep tissue work (X, 2002), so the intent of Tuina is much more specifically therapeutic than massage. It is for both physiological healing of chronic pain that caused by musculoskeletal conditions and injuries on the back, neck and shoulders, as well as for psychological disorders such as tension and stress (X, 2002).
From the technical point of view, Tuina is a combination of massage, chiropractics, osteopathy and physical therapy however much more broad and encompassing than each of the modalities. Tuina treats diseases and is beyond the massage that simply relaxes muscle tension and increases local circulation. In addition, when comparing to the chriopractics that reduces misalignments in bony structures, Tuina is much more thorough to treat the muscles surrounding the diseased area prior and post the re-alignments, and minimize the rebound effect following the treatments (Cooper, 2010).

Similar to the mechanism of massage that is based on the mechanical irritation of proprio-/ inter- and extero-recptior and then reflected on tissues and organ, Tuina the hands-on therapy has a straight mechanical action on tissues that increases the blood and lymphatic flow, eliminates the disintegrated metabolic waste, improves swelling absorption and trophic tissue (Ilić et al., 2012). When gentle and light Tuina techniques are applied on the body, it stimulates the parasympathetic and restricts the sympathetic then to relax the muscles by applying gentle touch onto the skin. Oppositely, strong and firm techniques will inhibit the parasympathetic and promote the sympathetic and followed by activation of the central nerve system, and inhibition of the peripheral nerve system (Ilić et al., 2012). So after a usual timeframe of ten to 15 minutes Tuina, muscles at the local area will be sedated and relaxed.

Tuina activates both peripheral and central analgesia. Peripheral analgesia occurs through the trigger point and better regulation, while central analgesia happens by decreasing the brain stimulus (Cooper, 2010). It has been proven to be effective to chronic pain that caused by trauma and injury, such as whiplash syndrome. This is because different techniques of Tuina are designed for different purposes of treatment, including relaxing the tendons on neck, removing fatigue of muscles, inducing resuscitation, subduing swelling and relieving spasm, then to improve the moving ability of muscles and ligaments (Hinoveanu, 2010). Researches have also indicated Tuina promoting circulation of blood, increasing the blood flow viscosity and velocity in vertebral-basilar artery, then to reduce whiplash associated symptoms of dizziness, headache and neck stiffness (Ding et al., 2012). Not the least, Tuina is believed to alleviate soft tissue spasm, release compression of the cervical vessels and nerve roots (Zhou ZB, 2006), as well as reposition the joint displacement, ease the pressure on ganglion that caused by the swelling after injury (Li HD, 2006; Ma HS, 2006). “

My headache is gone and I I have HALVED my beta blocker dosage!

At age 39 I began experiencing headaches on a daily basis, alongside the odd migraine. The headaches made me feel nauseous, sometimes light headed and generally unwell. I approached my GP in February 2014, after suffering these symptoms since December 2013, and a long process of elimination began. I stopped taking a prescription medicine, in case the headaches were presenting as a side effect. A month later the headaches still persisted. I then went for an eye test to eliminate pressure within the eyeballs, all was well. In June I had a hearing test and met with a specialist to eliminate vertigo. He diagnosed me with vestibular migraines and prescribed me propopanolol, a beta blocker.

For a month or so the headaches were minimal but then they came back just as bad as in the beginning. My GP then suggested that I contact Jenny to try acupuncture as an alternative solution to avoid increasing the dosage of my beta blocker. I was really worried about going through acupuncture as I have a general fear of needles. Jenny gave me a very welcoming, cheery and incredibly positive. She sat down with me as if she had all the time in the world to hear about my problems and the journey that had brought me to her. Her wealth of medical knowledge and confidence put me at ease immediately. She has a fabulous sense of humour and she explained exactly what we could do to ease my symptoms.

The acupuncture itself…? It’s been a walk in the park! I had wasted all of that time worrying about nothing. Jenny finds the problem areas so quickly, and clears them away! My sessions are never rushed – and I come out relaxed. My 6 year old daughter had come along to my first appointment and she was fascinated with Jenny – she even allowed Jenny to pop a needle in her hand to see what it felt like. She thought that was wonderful.

I’ve been having regular appointments, and after 4 weeks the results are fantastic. As a result I have HALVED my beta blocker dosage. I’m delighted that I made the decision to see Jenny. After being faced with increasing my dosage or give this a go, I’ve discovered that acupuncture and massage actually works for me.

The pain of shingles is well under control

The pain of shingles was totally debilitating, the only thing I could do was sleep and painkillers did nothing to help. After one treatment from Jenny I realized that this was helping immensely. Four sessions later the pain was virtually gone and I could function normally. The shingles is still in my system but well under control.

Clare Hargrave, Titirangi

My awful jaw pain was gone!

My name is Conrad Taylor. I was referred to Jenny by my G.P. after suffering from terrible pain near my jaw for 6 days. Although I was pretty nervous about being treated with acupuncture, Jenny made me feel relaxed & after the first treatment I was feeling considerably better. I still had minor pain but was able to stop taking painkillers & resume my duties at work. It only took 2 more treatments & she had cured me of my awful pain.

I would recommend her to anyone as she was extremely pleasant to deal with & explained things as we progressed through the treatment. Thank you so much Jenny, it was a pleasure to have you help me sort out my problem.