How we successfully achieved the natural pregnancy

Jess had a few health issues that stopped her from getting conceived, after 2 months of acupuncture and lifestyle adjustment upon Chinese health conceptions, she fell pregnant naturally!

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Dr. Jenny Li (CN)* has an advanced degree (PhD) of Acupuncture from China, and has practiced for 25 years in both China and New Zealand in the area of Chinese Medical Gynaecology and its applications for infertility, natural fertility and women’s health. Dr. Jenny (CN)* and the Natural Harmony fertility team offer individualised treatment plans using Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for couples who are preparing to conceive and women who have fertility issues.

–Dr. Jenny Li (CN)*, How Acupuncture Works with IVF

The nature of IVF makes it tend to focus intensively on the couple’s physical body, so in some cases it feels that a balance of physical, emotional and mental support is lacking. In these instances complementary healthcare may provide the emotional and mental support required. Acupuncture, as a safe and reliable solution adjunct to IVF with the two arms of psychological and biological benefits, fills this space.

–Dr. Jenny Li (CN)*, Truth or False: Increasing Success Rate of IVF by Acupuncture


Why come to us for fertility assistance

When you come to the Natural Harmony Clinic for fertility treatment, we will work through the leading causes of infertility including:


  • Yin and Yang imbalances;
  • Blood problems due to deficiency or clots;
  • Kidney problems – usually essence deficiency and dysfunctions;
  • Stagnation of energy (Qi) due to emotional disorders;
  • Internal (Uterine) Cold;
  • ‘Dampness’ coming from improper diet or inactive lifestyle.

Through the use of acupuncture and herbal medicine, along with lifestyle changes and health maintenance, we can help to relieve these causes and create an ideal environment to achieve a successful pregnancy and have your healthy baby.

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