Congratulations to arrivals of the 20 babies in 2020!

In 2020, 20 babies arrived in their families and brought happiness and hope in the shadow of COVID-19!

1st baby: Eric, boy, 3.57Kg, 8th February 2020

2nd baby: Maggie, girl, 3.7Kg, 24th March 2020

3rd baby: Poppy, girl, 3.7Kg, 27th March 2020

4th baby: Ariyan, boy, 2.45Kg, 13th March 2020

5th baby: Owen, boy, 4.3Kg, 15th 6th May 2020

6th baby: Toa, boy, 7.9Ibs, 8th June 2020

7th baby: Daniel, boy, 3.5Kg, 14th June 2020

8th baby: girl, 12th June 2020

9th baby: Alfie, boy, 28th June 2020

10th baby: Zara, girl, 4.27Kg, 9th June 2020

11th baby: Sidney, boy, 3.91Kg, 21st July 2020

12th baby: Lachlan, boy, 3.47Kg, 22nd August 2020

13th baby: Beaudy, boy, 9Ibs, 23rd August 2020

14th baby: Scout, girl, 3.15Kg, 23rd August 2020

15th baby: Viaansh, boy, 3.9Kg, 30th September 2020

16th baby: boy, 2.9Kg, 7th October 2020

17th baby: Declan, boy, 8.6Ibs, 20th October 2020

18th baby: Zavi, boy, 7Ibs 11Oz, 22nd October 2020

19th baby: Gabriel, boy, 2.4Kg, 23rd October 2020

20th baby: Coen, boy, 3.42Kg, 3rd November 2020

Congratulations to all the families and thank you for making our 2020 not so hard when going through the COVID panics and lockdowns!

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