Congratulations to all the babies arrived in 2017!

No. 15 Baby of J.H, born on 23/12/2017, girl, 3.88kg, natural birth.

No. 14 Baby of Ms. A.H, born on 12/11/2017, girl, 8 pounds, natural birth.

What her mum A.H said on 31/05/2017:

I sought assistance from Jenny at Natural Harmony at short notice when undergoing my first round of IVF. I had researched all possible ways to increase the chances of a successful implantation and acupuncture was consistently mentioned. I drove immediately from the fertility clinic to Jenny’s practice after the embryo transfer, and not only did I receive much needed reassurance, but the acupuncture must have helped – now I am 16 weeks pregnant!

I went back to Jenny on several occasions to provide my baby the best chance of survival in those early stages. She was always genuinely caring and provided valuable advice. She is obviously very passionate and knowledgable about Traditional Chinese Medicine and I will be sure to go back to her when we are ready for baby number two to come along!

Alex H, Wellington(* Results are varied from person to person)

No. 13 Baby of R.S, born on 03/11/2017, boy, 7Ib 6oz, natural birth after acupuncture labour inducing.

What his mum R.S said on 25/05/2016:

My husband and I had been trying for almost a year to get pregnant with no success. My periods had stopped for 5 months and before being referred to fertility treatment I decided to try acupuncture with Jenny to try to regulate my hormones naturally.
I saw her each week for just over a month and before my period ever retuned I was pregnant! The acupuncture released a lot of stress and anxiety. I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to conceive. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and our little one is due beginning of November. I couldn’t be more thankful!!
Thanks again!

Rosie S, Woodland Park(* Results are varied from person to person)

No. 12 Baby of Ms. J.Y, born on 26/09/2017, girl, 3.27kg, natural birth.

No. 11 Baby of Ms. L.C, born on 05/08/2017, boy, 8Ibs, natural birth after acupuncture labour inducing.

What his mum L.C said on 18/09/2017:

I visited Jenny from Natural Harmony when I was ten days over due with my first baby. I had tried all other natural induction methods and decided I would give acupuncture a try before my medical induction booking 4 days later.

Jenny was very warm and friendly. She didn’t plan to work that Thursday afternoon but came into the office just to help me with my special case. Jenny used acupuncture in a number of areas which was pain free and comfortable. We had great chats along the way. Jenny told me to come back in to see her in 48 hours if there was still no progress. On Friday night at 7.30 (27 hours after visiting Jenny) my contractions started, and just 8 hours later I had my baby boy in my arms. I had a completely natural water birth.

I believe that Jenny assisted kick start my contractions and further assisted in my fast delivery.

Jenny is very professional and she is a very kind lovely person, I recommend her to anyone and everyone having troubles with fertility or pregnancy.

Lizzie C, Manurewa (* Results are varied from person to person)

No. 10 Baby of Ms. R.B, born on 10/07/2017, girl, 2.95kg, C-section.

What her mum R.B said on 08/11/2017:

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 10 years. We’ve tried everything – from traditional to western – and went through three rounds of IVF. For my fourth embryo transfer, a friend suggested that I see Jenny from Natural Harmony to increase the chances of successful implantation. I was skeptical as I had tried acupuncture.
At the last minute and very short notice, I decided to try. Jenny saw me before and after the embryo transfer. The transfer was successful! I continued to see Jenny during the first trimester so my body can provide the optimum care and to be able to hold on to the pregnancy.
I am thankful to Jenny! Right from the start I felt at ease with her. Jenny patiently addressed any concerns and questions I had – which was quite a few! She is a genuinely caring and supportive person. I always felt better after a session with her.

Ruqayah B, Waiuku(* Results are varied from person to person)

No. 9 Baby of Ms. R.K, born on 13/07/2017, boy 3.14kg, C-section.

No. 8 Baby of A.K, born on 10/07/2017, girl, 7Ibs 3oz, natural birth after acupuncture labour inducing.

What her mum Anna said on 18/09/2017:

Recently I had the horrible experience of getting mastitis, for any woman, it is not an enjoyable part about breastfeeding. After fever, chills an aching breast and then finding a hard blocked milk duct, I got in touch with Jenny to see if she could help. I was hesitant to use conventional western medicine and antibiotics, so I was thrilled that after only one painless acupuncture and acupressure treatment with Jenny, my mastitis had gone. For any breastfeeding woman who unfortunately has the unpleasant symptoms of mastitis, an appointment with Jenny is definitely the way to go.

Anna K, Waterview (* Results are varied from person to person)

No. 7 Baby of Ms. L.M, born on 03/07/2017, girl, 3.53kg, natural birth after acupuncture labour inducing.

No. 6 Baby of Ms. H. D, born on 27/05/2017, boy, 2.8kg, natural birth after acupuncture labour inducing.

What his mum Hannah said before:

I came to see Jenny as I had incredibly irregular periods. My youngest son was two and a half and I had only had two periods since his birth. My husband and I wanted another child but needed to get past this barrier.
Jenny was informative and encouraging. I left after my first appointment feeling as though I was in good hands and positive that I would get my cycle back for this first time in a long time.

Two days after my first appointment my period returned and I had another cycle 5 weeks later. Now after three months of visits I am two months pregnant. I never knew it could happen so quickly! Jenny is amazing. I feel safe energised and happy when I see her. Now she’s helping me with morning sickness!

Thanks Jenny!

Hannah D, Glen Eden (* Results are varied from person to person)

No. 5 Baby of Ms. E.J, born on 29/04/2017, from a natural birth, 2.925kg, natural birth.

What his mum Etty said on 30/10/2016:

Over the past 6 years, my partner and I have had 12 unsuccessful fertility attempts, via intrauterine insemination (IUI) and In vitro fertilisation (IVF) at Fertility clinics in South Africa and in New Zealand. From the beginning of 2016, in preparation for our 13th attempt, I started receiving fertility acupuncture treatments from Jenny Li on a weekly basis.

We are happy to announce that we are 12- weeks pregnant today and our baby girl in due on 2 May 2017. Jenny Li, your gender pulse diagnosis at 9 weeks was correct – we are indeed having a little girl. I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Jenny Li, who played a vital role with my fertility to not only prepare my body for the conception of our beloved baby, but also ensure that I hold on to our little miracle.

Jenny furthermore helped me to successfully lower my anti-depressant medication dosage from 150mg down to 30mg per day. I never thought that this was possible due to being on this medication for the last 10 years.

Thank you Jenny for your support and genuinely caring. You are amazing!

Etty J, Albany (* Results are varied from person to person)

No.3&4 Baby twins of Ms. Y.Z, born on 19/03/2017, girls, weighed 3.03Kg and 2.68kg, cesarean.

No.2 Baby of Ms. P.K, born in March 2017, girl, weighed 3.09Kg, natural birth.

No.1 Baby of Ms S.P, born on 09/01/2017, boy, natural birth.

What his mum S. Purell said on 09/09/2016:

It took us a long time to conceive our first child and when we decided to try for our second again it took us a long time, a year without any luck. So I thought I would give acupuncture a go. Jenny was very informative, easy to talk to and caring, and provided lots of advice. Within 3 months of a mixture of acupuncture and herbal medicine we had finally fallen pregnant.

I then continued with the acupuncture up until I was 12 weeks pregnant. We’re now anticipating the arrival of our baby in January 2017. Jenny predicted it would be a boy at 8 weeks after the pulse diagnosis and she was right!
I would definitely suggest anyone trying to conceive to contact Jenny and give acupuncture a go. Thanks Jenny!

S. Purnell, Avondale (* Results are varied from person to person)