Congratulations to all the 16 pregnancies in 2017!

No.16 Ms. A.W is pregnant in December 2017!

No.15 Ms. A.D just confirmed her pregnancy in November 2017!

No.14 Ms. M.B confirmed her pregnancy in November 2017!

No.13 Ms. J.M has confirmed pregnant in November 2017!

No.12 Ms. M.S is pregnant NATURALLY in October 2017 at the age of 45!

Monita 1
Monita 4’

No.11 Ms. H.M is pregnant naturally in October 2017!

Hannah M 1
Hannah M 2

No.10 Ms. J.D is pregnant naturally in September 2017!

Jennie D

No.9 Ms. M.S is pregnant in September 2017!

Merissa 1'
Merissa 2'

No.8 Ms. J.M is pregnant naturally in August 2017!

Jessica Mason 4

No.7 Ms. K.H is pregnant in June 2017!

Kribashinie 1
Kribashinie 3

No.6 Ms. D.K fell pregnant naturally in May 2017!


No.5 Ms. D.A found herself pregnant NATURALLY in April 2017 at the age of 44!

No. 4 Ms. Jode H is pregnant in March 2017!

And baby Sarah was born in Australia on 23/12/2017!

No. 3 Ms. Alex H. confirmed her pregnancy on 10/03/2017!

And baby Grace was born in Wellington on 12/11/2017!

What Ms. Alex H said on 31/05/2017

I sought assistance from Jenny at Natural Harmony at short notice when undergoing my first round of IVF. I had researched all possible ways to increase the chances of a successful implantation and acupuncture was consistently mentioned. I drove immediately from the fertility clinic to Jenny’s practice after the embryo transfer, and not only did I receive much needed reassurance, but the acupuncture must have helped – now I am 16 weeks pregnant!

I went back to Jenny on several occasions to provide my baby the best chance of survival in those early stages. She was always genuinely caring and provided valuable advice. She is obviously very passionate and knowledgable about Traditional Chinese Medicine and I will be sure to go back to her when we are ready for baby number two to come along!

Alex H, Wellington

No.2 Ms Rosie S confirmed her pregnancy in 04/03/2016!

And baby Oakley was born on 03/11/2017 after the acupuncture labour inducing!

What Ms Rosie S said on 25/05/2016:
My husband and I had been trying for almost a year to get pregnant with no success. My periods had stopped for 5 months and before being referred to fertility treatment I decided to try acupuncture with Jenny to try to regulate my hormones naturally.
I saw her each week for just over a month and before my period ever retuned I was pregnant! The acupuncture released a lot of stress and anxiety. I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to conceive. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and our little one is due beginning of November. I couldn’t be more thankful!!
Thanks again!

Rosie S, Woodland Park

No.1 Ms Jenny Y. confirmed her pregnancy on 13/01/2017!

And the baby girl was born on 26/09/2017!

Congratulations to all the new mums in 2017 and mum-to-be in 2018! Congratulations to your families!