Congratulations to your arrival baby Conner!

Baby Conner was born on 07/10/2016, 2 days before the due date 🙂

What his mum Concepcion said on 30/04/2016:

I’ve been struggling to get pregnant for almost 9 years. I had one natural pregnancy where unfortunately I miscarried. And then, I had 2 IVF cycles with a total of 6 embryo transfers in which one resulted to positive but eventually miscarried at 6 weeks. It was a difficult journey that lead me to try accupuncture.

Jenny was recommended by my Osteopath. During my first session with her she initially checked my toungue and she noticed that it’s a bit pale indicating possible energy and blood defficiency. And that could probably explain why I had a natural pregnancy but there’s not enough blood circulation to sustain viability. And so, I had the accupuncture treatment with moxa. After the treatment, I felt something on my ovaries like a pinching sensation. I had a couple of sessions and before I went to the third session I just wanted to test if I’m pregnant because my period is also a bit delayed. And to my surprise, I was indeed pregnant!

Jenny had been very supportive during the early stage of my pregnancy, giving me some tips on how to take care of myself during that critical stage. I highly recommend Jenny, she’s very knowledgeable and experienced in the use of accupuncture to help with infertility issues.

Thanks again Jenny for you have been instrumental in making our dream come true 🙂

Concepcion P, Takanini (Results are varied from person to person)