Respiratory Disease Successes

The following are references from real patients and may not reflect the typical patient's experience, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.


I had suffered from chronic sinusitis for the last four months. I had been treated with repeated and lengthy high doses of antibiotics and steroids without success. My doctor advised me that my only option was to have surgery. Thankfully I found Jenny Li and started weekly acupuncture treatments.

I noticed a difference after the first treatment, and blew quite a bit chunks of thick and grey gel looking stuff from my nose (as below).

Thank you Jenny!

Jan Tait, Grey Lynn (* Results are varied from person to person)


I went to see Jenny because I noticed that I have a seasonal crazy cough started in around April and September. It was super crazy because when the cough started I couldn’t stop it. It felt like a piece of fibre stock on a spot in my throat and I just couldn’t cough it out. Usually the crazy cough last about two months and this time I happened to have a 3 days workshop from work and I couldn’t reschedule it. So I sought Jenny’s help.

We had a few acupuncture sessions before the workshop and Jenny gave me some press on needles to help me through the days and some pills to take at night.

To prevent it from happening again, Jenny suggested to see her on the hottest day in summer. So I went and Jenny put some herbs stickers on my throat and the back of my neck. Keep it there for as long as I can, preferably over night.

The herb stickers were a bit stingy at the first two hours and the stinginess reduced, so I kept them on over night. When I removed the stickers the next day, they looked like sunburn and felt like sunburn so I put some Aloe Vera gel on. The sunburn faded after a while.

What I like about Jenny is her passion about Chinese medicine and always go the extra miles for her clients. You went to see her for a session and she gave you her professional advice and treatment plus anything else that she knows will also help. Thanks Jenny!

Julia L, Kauriland (* Results are varied from person to person)


For close to 15 years, I knew that something was amiss with my lung health – episodes of asthma-like shortness of breath and “rattling” in the chest; a sense that during strenuous exercse my lungs weren’t behaving like they should; and a propensity for the slightest cold to flare up to full flu and fever, always from heavy heavy chest colds. Various visits to GPs and recommendations from well meaning friends and family never brought relief or cure.

This summer I visited Jenny and she was immediately confident about what was happening with my lungs (and by the way, a bloaty stomach) and how to treat and cure it.

The course of treatment was very simple and short. And Jenny herself was a pleasure to deal with.

Brent E, Sandriham(* Results are varied from person to person)

I was diagnosed COPD because of a reduced lung capacity due to years of smoking, and I was very quickly out of breath and had very low energy levels. I had to use an inhaler in the rest of my life but I was not completely satisfied with the outcome of my doctor so I went to Jenny Li’s acupuncture clinic for a second opinion.

After acupuncture treatments I am very satisfied with the outcome.

Dave, Glen Eden(* Results are varied from person to person)