Fertility Successes

The following are references from real patients and may not reflect the typical patient's experience, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.



The twin of Will and Liam were born on 3rd August 2022, weighing 2.34 and 2.18Kg!



What their mother said on 19th February 2022:

It was by chance that we heard Natural Harmony’s ads in the radio on our way home. We’ve been trying to have a baby naturally for more than 2years already and at a loss on what are we missing. We contacted Dr. Jenny late last year for initial consultation and from there decided to commit ourself and give it a try.

By Christmas last year we have finally conceived and continuing our sessions with Dr. Jenny until the birth of our babies.

All I can say is we are very thankful for having Dr. Jenny in our lives and continuing guiding us and like a mom continuing to remind us what to do or had we looked into these stuff already. For first time parents that is a very well appreciated informations we take home with us after every session.

She is also very welcoming and you can always rely on her that she will reply if you have anything that is bothering you and you feel safe with her because she knows whats going on with you and will make you at ease with your worries.

Aida C, New Lynn (* Results are varied from person to person)


A touching review by our patient on 01/04/2022

Our daughter was diagnosed in August 2020 with POI at 12 years of age. It was a massive shock and as her mother I was reluctant to accept the ‘western’ diagnosis as final and searched for different types of treatment. Her FSH was 115.3 and LH 56.8.

When I found out about Dr Jenny we had a really good informative first meeting where she explained really well to our daughter on what basis the diagnosis had been made – this took an hour or so looking at pictures and gentle explanations. We then began 1 x hour treatments twice a week combined with Dr Jenny’s tonic. Gradually we have seen the very high FSH and LH drop although this has taken a couple of years – we had no idea it would take so long but can now fully understand how you’ve got to change the inner mechanics of the body which can be a long process. For our daughter there were other contributing factors I think like some anxiety and low weight – and you can imagine the diagnosis didn’t help either of these at all, if anything made it worse. But each time we see Dr Jenny she is positive, happy and super encouraging to our daughter – we really look forward to seeing her.

The western answer was to attach an HRT patch and accept you’ll be wearing it for life and oh by the way it’s highly unlikely you will have your own child with your own eggs. Dr Jenny has been great explaining to our daughter that this doesn’t have to be the case and has treated our daughter on a ‘whole of body’ perspective which in our opinion is much better.

Because our daughter was so young we chose to do a combination if some western and some eastern treatment. So in conjunction with twice weekly visits to Dr Jenny, we also used a very small HRT patch and have increased it bit by bit just because our daughter literally had no oestrogen and it’s so important to her growth and development. We didn’t start the HRT patches until around 6 months after seeing Dr Jenny; in the interim most all of her menopausal symptoms disappeared and she felt much happier generally. She was literally having to leave her classroom as she had hot flushes.

Now just a couple of weeks ago she had her first bleed and her bloods have reduced to FSH 15.1 and LH 3.5 and she has 196 of oestrogen. We’ve taken this ‘win’ and are absolutely thrilled. I think we’ve still got a way to go and expect the blood results might bounce around a bit from time to time and that while we may be able to reduce our visits with Dr Jenny we’ll certainly still be seeing Dr Jenny for some time to come.



Dr Jenny, you’ve been a life saver for us xx

An Auckland family (* Results are varied from person to person)


Baby Viyashna was born on 28/01/2022, weighing 2.2Kg!



What her mother said about their story in Feb 2022:

Dr. Jenny was a blessing in disguise.

I was walking along Mobile gas station in 2016 and I saw a signage which said Natural Harmony- treating pregnancies’. I convinced my husband to taka a walk to the clinic and we both strolled down and met Dr. Jenny.

At first I was reluctant but at the same time adamant to try the treatment. Since the first consult was free so I carried on. Dr.Jenny sat with me and my husband and discussed what the problem could be. She even spoke to her father who came to visit us in her clinic to diagnose and prescribe appropriate medication/concoction to begin with.

The journey began with weekly acupuncture. After few sessions of acupuncture I went for my 5 transfer and it failed. Continuing with the acupuncture and medication I went for 6th transfer and this failed as well. In 2021 I went for my last IVF which was my 7th embryo transfer and what a birthday gift it was. The hospital called to confirm my pregnancy. Through the treatment I was able to have a positive pregnancy. I never had any complications while being pregnant.

Thank you Dr. Jenny for being there as a support and for making our journey a success. Lots of love from the newest member of the family (Viyashna)

Devashna D, Kumeu (* Results are varied from person to person)


Baby Ellie was born on 16/11/2021, weighing 3.29Kg!



What her mother said about their story in May 2021:

Jenny is a wonderful woman who creates personalised services to suit individual needs. Very knowledgeable and despite having many many patients, takes the time to get to know you and follows your progress.

I approached Jenny to assist with fertility as I have been trying to get pregnant for 10 years and been doing IVF for the past 2 years with no luck. After only a short while attending Accupunctre and using the herbal medicine, I became pregnant!

I would recommend to everyone! 🙂

Susan B, Ardome (* Results are varied from person to person)



Baby Alicia was born on 21/11/2021, weighing 3.01Kg!



What her mother said about their story in June 2021:

I visited Natural Harmony Clinic since November after my Failed IVF and my Failed IUI with one of fertility Clinic in Auckland.

During the first consultation I felt like Dr Jenny gave me more understanding and explained clearly about my medical reports, what those report means, my blood test means to compare other specialist person that I went to they never explain anything about hormones structures for innocent woman like me.

Also Dr Jenny really approachable to answer my questions now and then. Trust me I had many questions to her.

Now I am on 10 weeks and will look forward in the future until my labour day with her help until I hold my baby in my arms.

I ask (pray) God help Big time, and I believe in some our journeys God let us to face difficulties and handling the process to sort out my fertility journeys, obviously God let us meet people with their expertise to help me.

I can assure you all my pregnancy is a miracle through my difficulties.

I recommend Dr Jenny to other woman out there that have difficulties whatever it is, just be patient and never give up. Because I almost give up before.

I wish I know Dr Jenny earlier then I will never go through fertility Clinic and spent thousands thousands dollars.

Y. S., Birkdale (* Results are varied from person to person)



Baby Luca was born on 16/11/2021, weighing 3.29Kg!


What his mother said about their story:

We began seeing Jenny last year for the fertility issues. Along with acupuncture, her herbal medicine helped me to regulate my cycle.

After four failed IVFs, we are now blessed with a baby. I am thankful to Jenny for helping and supporting in this journey.

Asha M, Hamilton(* Results are varied from person to person)



Baby Samuel was born on 16/11/2021, weighing 3.29Kg!


What his mother said about their story:

I went to Natural Harmony clinic for labor induction acupuncture.

After 2 treatments, I went to labor and it was a relatively quick labor for a first time mom (4 hours in total). Also, after giving birth, my legs were swollen and the swell didn’t go down after a week. Hence, I contacted Jenny again to treat this condition. The swelling on my legs reduced significantly after one treatment.

I’m impressed with Jenny’s skill and services. Thanks Jenny!

Rani H, Hobsonville (* Results are varied from person to person)



Baby Yudhveer was born on 06/11/2021, weighing 3.01Kg!


What his mother said about their story in 20/04/2021:

I started seeing Dr Li since October 2020 due to hormonal issues. And since, I have progressed positively in my health and felt a lot of changes.

Dr Li is really gentle, patient and respectful. I would highly recommend her.

A. D., Manurewa (* Results are varied from person to person)



Baby Azalea was born on 10/10/2021, weighing 2.84Kg!


What her mother said about their story in October 2021:

I strongly recommend Jenny Li to all of you who want to keep your baby safe!

In the 2nd trimester of the pregnancy, I had a threatened abortion by bleeding heavily at 17 weeks and lasted for a month. I had gone through countless scans even visits to a private obstetrician, but all could not find a reason and to stop the bleeding. So I went to see Jenny Li and had the herbal treatment from her.

She prescribed me 3 loads of herbal medicine to sedate the fetus, strengthen my energy and blood. The bleeding stopped straight after I started taking the herbal medicine and I never bled again until the birth. I then gave birth to a healthy baby at full term in October 2021.

Thank you Jenny, for your professional guidance, treatment, encouragements and help!

Jenny L. Glenfield(* Results are varied from person to person)



Baby Louie was born on 30/09/2021, weighing 2.9Kg!


What his mother said about their story in May 2021:

Jenny was very knowledgeable and helpful and I would recommend going to see her even if you are unsure as she takes the time to listen and advise beforehand.

Hannha D, Northcote (* Results are varied from person to person)



Baby Enda was born on 25/09/2021, weighing 2.95Kg!


What her mother said about their story:

I saw Dr Jenny Li when I was 36 weeks pregnant and my baby was in breech position. After two sessions, my baby had turned into a head down position. Throughout my treatment Dr Li was warm and caring, professional and conscientious. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for labour preparation acupuncture.

Greta Y, Kingsland (* Results are varied from person to person)



Baby Fallon was born on 01/09/2021, weighing 3Kg!


What her mother said about their story in March 2021:

Natural pregnancy at 41 years old after countless attempts and struggle and time.

I am so thankful for the day I was introduced to Jenny. With a high FSH of over 60 and a low AMH of 2 in 2019 I had almost given up and thought IVF would be our only option, and even then the potential outcome was not looking promising.

After just 1 month of strictly following Jenny’s instructions whether I agreed with them or not, having regular acupuncture and taking her herbal concoctions we are blessed with a healthy ongoing pregnancy. I cannot recommend or speak more highly of Jenny and her astute knowledgeable and proven methods and advice.

C.S (* Results are varied from person to person)



Baby Ava was born on 20/08/2021, weighing 2.785Kg!


What her mother said about their story in September 2021:

I found Dr Jenny Li on google when I was researching on how acupuncture could help with boosting fertility.

I discovered I was pregnant after my first treatment with her and I continued to have regular appointments with her. It gave me so much peace of mind that I have someone knowledgeable and caring to support me during my pregnancy. She also prescribed me traditional Chinese herbal drinks which helped me with my morning sickness and maintained my energy levels and general wellbeing.

My entire pregnancy was smooth and easy, and I really believe that it was due to the added care I received from Jenny. Not only was she an expert in what she does, she is also very sincere and kind. I highly recommend her and will continue to see her to maintain good general health and hopefully to conceive our next baby in the near future!

Thank you so much, Jenny!

C. M, Hillcrest (* Results are varied from person to person)



Baby Maioha was born on 12/08/2021, weighing 8.6Pounds!


What her mother said about their story in August 2021:

I saw Dr Jenny when I was 38 weeks pregnant to help encourage the start of labour naturally and avoid a medical induction, as my pregnancy was tracking big – 98th percentile. I received two Acupuncture treatments and just several hours after my second treatment my labour started naturally at home.

I was able to deliver my healthy daughter naturally, without any medical intervention. Thank you Dr Jenny.

Helena S, Avondale (* Results are varied from person to person)



Baby Aksh was born on 16/06/2021, weighing 3.2Kg!


What his mother said about their story in January 2021:

Jenni has been really encouraging and helpful with my treatment for PCOS. I strongly recommend seeing Jenni with any issues related to fertility I.e regulating the cycle, weight management, conceiving and pregnancy. Very polite.

Swastica M, Ranui (* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Elise was born on 06/06/2021, weighing 2.39Kg!


What her mother said about their story:

We began seeing Jenny in May 2020 after 2 miscarriages and mainstream health professionals wanting us to wait for a third miscarriage to happen before they could refer me to fertility clinics and tests.

Dr Jenny is very knowledgeable, caring and provided us with lifestyle advices to boost our fertility chances alongside the acupuncture treatment. I got pregnant and had a smooth pregnancy and birth and I really believe it was due to Jenny’s care.

Thank you Jenny for making our dream come true 🙂

Vicki T, Green Bay (* Results are varied from person to person)




I started seeing Dr Jenny for my hormonal issues, after just 3 treatments my hormone level has gone back to normal. Even my fertility GP was speechless at the result.

I was told by the fertility specialist that it would be hard for me to have children in the future due to my hormones. But Dr Jenny dismissed this and said that she has helped many of her patients that are like me to have children naturally.

Dr Jenny is very caring and always listens to you. She is highly qualified and knowledgeable and has a very reassuring way about her. I have seen many acupuncture specialists before, but I have to say that Dr Jenny is different and generate results much quicker.

I can’t be more happier with her and her treatments. Thank you Dr Jenny!

N.Wong, Mt Wellington (* Results are varied from person to person)



Baby Rylyn was born on 13/03/2021, weighing 3.3Kg!


What his mother said about their story:

Chinese acupuncture treatment is really helpful. I haven’t been able to get pregnant for four years.

After about half year of treatment here, I got pregnant smoothly. The due date is in March. Recommend people in need to try.

Shirley W, Royal Oak (* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Zavi was born on 22/10/2020, weighing 7Ibs+ 11Oz!


What his mother said about their story:

I heard an ad for Natural Harmony clinic on the radio & after a miscarriage a few years ago & failed IVF attempt it seemed like the perfect addition to our attempts to get pregnant. I was 35 at the time & my husband & I had been trying for almost 5 years to get pregnant. I am a Type 1 Diabetic with polycyclic ovaries, endometriosis & adenomyosis so it wasn’t looking great for us.

After the first failed attempt at IVF, I was very down & decided to take some time off before it next attempt. I started seeing Jenny in September 2019 for treatments, with IVF to resume 2020. Our second IVF was completely different to the first, a bit more painful but that was due to my ovaries being in better condition the second time around.

We were able to get less eggs than the first time but they were of better quality & we ended up with 4 embryos (first attempt we only got 1 embryo). We were over the moon to learn the first implantation was a success & mid March 2020 we were pregnant!! (1 week before the national lockdown).

My pregnancy was fantastic & in October 2020 we finally became a family of 3. I cannot thank Jenny enough for the vital role she played & will be seeing her again before we try to make us a family of 4.

Y.F, Royal Oak (* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Declan was born on 20/10/2020, weighing 8Ibs 6oz!


What his mother said about their story:

Jenny is one special lady. After being referred by a friend after trying ovulation induction and being at the point of needing to undertake IVF to get pregnant.

Immediately I found my cycles were better my fatigue disappeared and my face cleared up. Within 4 months I was pregnant. Jenny was as excited as my Husband and I that we were pregnant.

Jenny is so kind and informative and I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling to convince as this lady makes dreams come true.

Krisha F, New Lynn (* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Scout was born on 23/08/2020, weighing 3.25Kg!


What her mother said about their story:

After almost four years of trying to conceive and finding there was no known reason for us to be unable to get pregnant I started to look at more natural methods to help. That’s when I started seeing Dr Jenny and getting fertility acupuncture.

Shortly after starting my acupuncture my GP also referred is to a fertility clinic Repromed. After meeting with the nurse we decided to try IUI treatments. This is a much less invasive treatment. You simply take ovulation inducing medicines on the second day of your period and from there you will go to the clinic a few times to check the growth of your follicles. Once a follicle is at the optimum size your partner comes in and produces a sample which is cleaned and then placed in your uterus. No injections. No pain. More like a smear test.

One week later you have a blood test to ensure that you have ovulated and then another the next week to confirm pregnancy.

Our first round failed and at that stage I think I had only had one session of acupuncture. I kept up the acupuncture and our next round of IUI was successful.

The cost and process of IUI is much gentler and I would recommend everyone discuss the option with their fertility expert.

I think the acupuncture alongside the procedure was extremely helpful. Not only for the possible medical help but for the relaxation and focus it brought me during the whole experience.

Niamh M, New Lynn (* Results are varied from person to person)




Ms. H.K’s baby was born on 13/03/2020, weighing 2.45Kg!


What Ms. H.K said about their story:

I had visited Dr Jenny at Natural Harmony clinic in 2019 for Acupuncture to help me on my journey to conceive my first baby. Although I saw Jenny when I was 31 yo, my journey to conceive had started well before. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 25 and as expected had no luck conceiving a baby after trying naturally for over a year with very irregular cycles and anovulation.

My husband and I saw top fertility specialists in Auckland who diagnosed us with unexplained infertility and told us that IVF was the way forward. Over two years we did two separate IVF cycles with close to 20 eggs harvested each time. We transferred good quality genetically tested embryos unfortunately for them to end in chemical pregnancies due to implantation failure or nothing at all. I went for numerous tests & procedures (ovarian drilling, hysteroscopy, diagnostic laparoscopy, endometrial scratching, intralipids infusion, gene karotyping, taking steroids, aspirin injections etc) with nothing abnormal to find. We were beyond frustrated & heartbroken.

Finally after doing some research into more natural treatment options, one late night I found Dr Jenny’s website and after reading through the testimonials of success from other women in similar position as me, I decided to give it a go since I had pretty much tried everything else scientifically available.

Dr Jenny was so patient and understanding with me whilst not promising me anything except her very best if I was to commit to treatment. She educated me on Acupuncture and her understanding of a woman’s reproductive health were impressive. I committed to weekly treatments and after a few months, found out I was pregnant! Although I took western medicine to regulate my cycle and induce ovulation, I had never had a positive pregnancy test when I had tried this same treatment before without Acupuncture.

I continued seeing Dr Jenny throughout my pregnancy for treatment and was very lucky to not suffer severely with morning sickness, nausea etc as many other women due to this. Even more so, Dr Jenny also accurately told me the sex of my baby at seven weeks just with a pulse reading! I went on to have a vaginal birth and my baby was born healthy. Now he is six months old and in good health and I always look at him and feel so lucky to have found Dr Jenny who fulfilled my desire to be a mother when I had lost all hope. She is truly gifted at what she does and I sincerely believe anyone who’s struggling will also see similar success with patience and commitment to her treatment programme.

Thank you Dr Jenny for what you do and I wish Natural Harmony Clinic all the very best. I will definitely be back for treatment when I decide to try again for my second baby.

H.K, Blockhouse Bay(* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Beaudy was born on 23/08/2020, weighing 9Ibs!


What his mother said about their story:

I have been seeing Jenny for many years now (12 years) . Originally to support with my endometriosis and then later to support me to conceive 2 of my 3 babies.

Jenny is kind and caring and makes you feel incredibly comfortable. I have had great success with accupuncture. It helped to eliminate all my pain with endometriosis, helped me to conceive within 3 months of trying and supported my pregnancies (easing morning sickness and supporting my babies to be in the correct positions).

I had great births for both babies (despite their large size) and I believe that accupuncture helped to achieve this.
I cannot recommend Natural Harmony enough to anyone considering using them.

I now consider Jenny a good friend as she has supported me on the most important journeys of life-parenthood!

Casey T, Mission Bay(* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Sidney was born on 02/08/2020, weighing 3.91Kg!


What his mother said about their story:

I first came to see Jenny in 2019 for menopause symptoms. I was experiencing terrible hot flashes, mood swings, poor sleep and I also had hopes to have a baby.

I was 39 at the time and desperately wanted a second child. We had a very hard time conceiving our daughter as I had a high FSH and very low AMH. After I weaned my daughter my period never really returned and the hot flashes started, my FSH was around 68 and I’m sure my AMH was almost zero.

Jenny was incredibly supportive and encouraging at the same time realistic and kept me grounded. She is knowledgeable and her constant success stories kept me feeling hopeful and calm. Through acupuncture and herbs my period came back more regularly and my hot flashes became less intense. I looked forward to my weekly appointments and although I still had hope to have a baby I was just glad to be feeling better.


To my surprise I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of 2020, and we couldn’t be happier! From menopause to pregnant it was truly amazing! I am incredibly lucky and I definitely think in part Jenny and her treatments contributed to this little miracle.

Thank you Jenny for your support and encouragement through this journey!

J. Withy, Titirangi(* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Toa was born on 08/06/2020, weighing 7.9 Pounds!


What his mother said about their story:

My husband and I came to see Jenny after about 12 months of trying to conceive. We each had a previous child from other relationships that had been easily conceived but wanted a baby together. As I was in my mid 30s, I was aware that time wasn’t on my side. We had previously seen another Accupuncturist but just didn’t feel that we connected well with him. My husband had been diagnosed with low count and low motility and my progesterone levels weren’t great.

Jenny was a great support to us, she was always positive and hopeful (when I sometimes wasn’t), she offered us different techniques and advice throughout the journey. I ended up conceiving naturally shortly after coming to see Jenny but I lost the baby at 7 weeks. Eventually we did IVF and Jenny helped me through that as well (during egg stimulation and implantation) and I even had Accupuncture with her to induce my son at 38 weeks.

What his father said:

I wasn’t keen on seeing someone to begin with as I thought things would just happen naturally however eventually I came around to getting treatment from Jenny. Male accupuncture for Fertility can be slightly more invasive than female accupuncture and initially that is what held me back but Jenny was always professional and very knowledgable.

I didn’t want to have to make massive changes to my lifestyle but Jenny was happy even when I made small adjustments. She supported us every step of the way and advised us on everything related to fertility, not just accupuncture.

During the course of accupuncture I had 3 Sperm tests – each one producing better results than the first, so I think it really worked. We grew to trust Jenny so we tell people that we believe she was one of the main reasons we were able to have our son.

Carmen.S and Phil L, Royal Oak(* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Owen was born on 05/06/2020, weighing 9Ib 7oz!


What his mother said about their story:

I was a bit of a skeptic about accupuncture to help fertility, but after a year of failing to concieve I had nothing to loose. Jenny was informative, friendly and professional and after only two sessions, we found ourselves pregnant!

I carried on treatment during pregnancy and really felt a my energy levels lift and kept my morning sickness at bay. Definitely recommend Jenny and the team at Natural Harmony.

Liz.L, Royal Heights Massey(* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Eric was born on 08/02/2020, weighing 3.57Kg!


What his father said about their story:

Dr Jenny Li has provided my wife with acupuncture consultations for our undergoing fertility treatments for the last couple of years. Her professionalism, compassion, and willingness to help us achieve our goal of having a child, has been fantastic. As such we are very comfortable with her approach and technique.

Our case was complicated as my wife had thyroid issues as well, which went on for two years, and made our goal of a child even more difficult. But we did not give up, and kept the acupuncture going until the thyroid level became normal, and my wife could fall pregnant. With Jenny’s acupuncture treatment and guidance, and our persistence, finally the dream has come true.

We can highly recommend Dr Jenny Li to anyone who has any fertility concerns or other health issues.

Geoff P, Eastridge(* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Maggie was born on 18/02/2020, weighing 3.7Kg!


What her mum Ms. Laura.W said about her experience:

I came to see Dr. Jenny when I was having trouble getting pregnant with baby number two which was a surprise after falling pregnant so easily the first time. I was very impressed with how much knowledge and experience she had.

There was so much more to getting pregnant that Dr. Jenny was able to help me understand. I really appreciated her holistic approach, my experience was so much more than just acupuncture. She made me feel very comfortable and my weekly visits felt like going to see a friend for a chat. The acupuncture itself wasn’t painful and I actually loved going there every week as I felt so relaxed afterwards.

I can’t remember how long it took for me to get pregnant once I began attending acupuncture but it wasn’t long and once pregnant Dr. Jenny was also able to help me with my morning sickness. My baby girl is now seven weeks old and I am so grateful to Dr. Jenny and I love the fact that she cheered me on all the way. It really felt like she was just as happy and excited about the baby as we were.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Laura W, Glen Eden(* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Poppy was born on 26/02/2020, weighing 3.7Kg!


What her mum Ms. Lila said about her experience:

At 39 weeks pregnant in the heat of summer, I was ready to go into labour. I decided to try acupuncture for inducing. Having never tried it before I didn’t know what to expect, but I had heard great reviews about Natural Harmony.

Jenny explained everything very well, was very warm and kind, and the process was pain free. The next morning my waters broke and our little girl was born at 01:00am the following day. Could not recommend more, it definitely works!

Lila O, Kelston(* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Koa was born on 27/11/2019, weighing 4.2Kg!


What his mum Ms. Rosie said about her experience:

Koa is the second baby of Ms. R.S, who also had acupuncture with us for turning the breech presentation and labour induction in this pregnancy. Her elder son Oakley was conceived after our fertility acupuncture in March 2017 and born in November after the labour induction acupuncture too. Below was what Ms R.S said when pregnant with her first baby in 2017:

My husband and I had been trying for almost a year to get pregnant with no success. My periods had stopped for 5 months and before being referred to fertility treatment I decided to try acupuncture with Jenny to try to regulate my hormones naturally.

I saw her each week for just over a month and before my period ever returned I was pregnant! The acupuncture released a lot of stress and anxiety. I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to conceive. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and our little one is due beginning of November. I couldn’t be more thankful!

Thanks again!

Rosie S, Woodland Park(* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Aydin was born on 16/11/2019, weighing 2.67Kg.


Aydin is the second acupuncture baby his mother R.B had with us, below was what she said after had her first baby in 2017:
My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 10 years. We’ve tried everything – from traditional to western – and went through three rounds of IVF. For my fourth embryo transfer, a friend suggested that I see Jenny from Natural Harmony to increase the chances of successful implantation. I was sceptical as I had tried acupuncture.

At the last minute and very short notice, I decided to try. Jenny saw me before and after the embryo transfer and I continued to see Jenny during the first trimester so my body can provide the optimum care and to be able to hold on to the pregnancy.

I am thankful to Jenny! Right from the start I felt at ease with her. Jenny patiently addressed any concerns and questions I had – which was quite a few! She is a genuinely caring and supportive person.

Ruqayah B, Waiuku(* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Amias was born on 17/10/2019, weighing 7.12pounds!


Below is what his mum Ms Maya V.M said about her story:
Dr Jenny Li has been an enormous support in my journey to fall pregnant. My three year journey came to a conclusion that I needed to go through IVF in order to fall pregnant.

Throughout the process of IVF I kept regular sessions with Jenny as I found my body responded well to her acupuncture. How do I know it works for me? One example is the affect on my menstrual cycle. The most obvious is that I never need to take pain relief when I have my period and that is extremely not normal for me. I often have to take work off due to the amount of pain!

Also my period became regular with a good amount of bleeding, meaning Jenny had helped create a good healthy environment for a blastocyst to grow in and be successful. I very much needed that confidence due to the fact I only had 1 blastocyst after a cycle of IVF. It was a roller coaster of emotions with 18 eggs collected, 11 mature enough, 7 fertilized and only 1 made it to a blastocyst. I really didn’t want to go through the IVF process again so I asked Jenny to do anything and everything to help this little blastocyst be successful.

Thankfully, it was a success! I can’t thank Jenny enough for her ongoing support and guidance. She is so knowledgeable with her expertise in fertility. I highly recommend her to anyone who has doubt about their own fertility, if they know they have fertility issues and especially if they are undergoing IVF.

Maya V.M, Te Atatu (* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Oscar was born on 10/11/2019, weighing 7pounds and 10oz!


Below is what his mum Ms Lucy H said about her story:

Three years ago my husband and I decided to start trying for a baby. Being on the pill for 14 years I realized it wouldn’t happen so quickly. Within months I started having pelvic pains, they turned into daily pains of some sort. When it comes to personal pain I try to not make a big deal and think it’ll just go away. I went to the doctor and she mentioned possible endometriosis and referred me to a specialist.

The specialist told me it was more likely related to my bowel and wasn’t sure if it would be endometriosis. Several months later and already a year and half of trying I knew it wasn’t right. I was keeled over in pain frequently, yet my periods were still normal. I couldn’t figure it out. I decided to go to a private specialist instead of waiting through the public system.

Telling him my symptoms, straight away he said it has to be endometriosis. Within two weeks I had surgery and luckily I did as I was covered in it. I was a grade three. After surgery I started to feel more positive that we would be able to conceive.

A year after surgery still no luck. A regular massage place I went to told me I should try a Chinese medicine acupuncturist. So I did some googling and found Jenny at Natural Harmony. Upon meeting her Jenny’s presence made me feel so comfortable and she assured me she could help in some way or another. I had already tried many different types of treatments to help so I thought acupuncture could help as many people had mentioned it can work.

My pains started to lessen after seeing Jenny weekly. She never lost faith that it would happen for me. I had mentioned to her that I was thinking of going back to the specialist to see what I should do next, in conjunction with having the acupuncture too. By this stage I had been having acupuncture for five months. I booked my appointment two weeks in advance.

A week before my specialist appointment (in February) I decided to try a pregnancy test as I knew that weekend I was going away. To my absolute surprise there were two lines. I had never seen that before and couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t wait for my husband to get home to tell him that finally we would get to have a baby.

I messaged Jenny that night to let her know. She was so happy for us and sent me information on what next to do straight away.

I believe that Jenny and her acupuncture technique truly has had a major contribution to the success of conceiving. I’m 33 this year and I can’t wait to be a Mum.

Thank you Jenny in not giving up on me and helping me.

Lucy H, Massey (* Results are varied from person to person)




The twins of Roy and Lily were born on 05/08/2019, weighing 2.6 and 2Kg!


Below is what their mum Ms Karo. S said about her story:

I came for help to dr Jenny after almost three years of trying to conceive and being diagnosed with unexplained secondary infertility (we had our first son five years earlier).

Dr Jenny was recommended to me by the doctor at Fertility Plus clinic, with acupuncture as the alternative treatment to suggested IUI. I was given approx. 30% chances to conceive with IUI at the age of 40 and advised to adopt a dog instead, as my chances would only decrease with time.

I decided to try acupuncture before I do anything else. I visited Jenny for weekly treatments for another six months before I decided to undergo medicated (with Clomid) IUI. It was successful and after producing two strong follicles, I fell pregnant. 37 weeks later we welcomed our wonderful tweens to the world.

During these six months of treatment with Jenny I have undergone a complete change, exhausted with all fruitless efforts to have a baby, stressed at work and in the mourning of my mother’s death. After each session I would feel relaxed and less worried. Through the therapy sessions Jenny explained to me how the acupuncture works by reinforcing and strengthening reproductive organs. I cannot tell for sure, but I think if I tried the IUI treatment at first, without preparation of acupuncture i would not succeed; my body would not be ready for it.

It is recommended to undergo the acupuncture for at least three months ahead of planned IVF treatment. IUI is often skipped as a less successful option, but lately IUI has been recognised as having more positive results than it was though before. I highly recommend it in combination with regular acupuncture treatment ahead. It’s way cheaper and less invasive than IVF. More fertility patients should also be advised on benefits of acupuncture treatments, as these can really make a difference in preparing body for the IUI procedure.

Thank you, dr Jenny for all your support and knowledge shared with me on my journey to having my babies.’

Love, Karo

Karo S, Bayview (* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Amber was born on 29/07/2019, weighing 6Ib 13Oz!


Below is what her mum Ms. Sarah said about her story on 28/04/2019:

I am a 44 year old woman who was wanting to have another child. I have a 19year old and 16year old from previous marriage. My partner hasnt got any previous children but we decided to go ahead and try for one last year.

I have endometriosis, IBS, along with half a thyroid and also had a coil removed in Feb 2018. After a few unsuccessful months, we decided to get some help with fertility. I was told my AMH was too low at 4.8 and only 2% chance. I went on to have 2 rounds of medical prescription pills which helped me ovulate more eggs. These attempts were unsuccessful as well and emotional.

I then remembered that I had tried acupuncture with my daughter 18years earlier so I read reviews and made an appointment with Jenny. To say she was so positive with me, and making me believe it will happen was an understatement. She guided me for all the correct tests and every week I went to see her for fertility acupuncture. I think it was for approx 8-10 weeks?

My partner and I were at her rooms when we found out the good news! We are pregnant and are 26weeks. All is fine with our wee baby and we are so excited to be able to have this opportunity to become parents together. I suffered from severe morning sickness for the first 20 weeks but now things are more enjoyable and exciting.

Jenny is amazing. So positive and very knowledgeable with fertility.

Many thanks

Sarah P, Northcote (* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Margot Greta was born on 22/07/2019, weighing 7.3Ib!


Below is what her mum Ms. G.L said about her story on 24/04/2019:

After three miscarriages and failed IVFs I made an appointment with Jenny for acupuncture. I’d previously had acupuncture through other practitioners over the last 2 years since trying to conceive (3 years in total). I’m 42 and my AMH was extremely low at 1.1.

In conjunction with seeing a fertility naturopath I begun visiting Jenny and within 2 months I fell pregnant again. Sadly lost at 8 weeks. Jenny kept believing in me and said it was only a matter of time. I had one more chemical pregnancy them fell pregnant after seeing Jenny for 8 months.
I’m now 26 weeks pregnant and have a healthy girl on the way.

Jenny has been incredibly supportive and knowledgeable throughout, I’ve felt in very safe hands and would have no hesitation in recommending her as an expert in fertility acupuncture.

Mother to a 5 years old (conceived first month of trying) and now one on the way.

G.L, Grey Lynn (* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Tobias was born on 14/07/2019, weighing 2.7Kg and is 51.5cm long!


Below is what his mum Ms. Elisabeth said about her story:

I saw Dr. Jenny from Natural Harmony after trying to conceive for around 1.5 years and being diagnosed with PCOS and high levels of prolactin.

When I saw Jenny for the first time she assessed all my medical records thoroughly and asked a lot of questions around my lifestyle, diet, stress levels,…before coming up with a treatment plan.

The treatment was very professional and the acupuncture itself relaxing – I actually even fell asleep during the sessions several times.

It was amazing to see that after the first acupuncture session my period started to become more regularly. I saw Jenny once a week and over time my prolactin levels decreased significantly as my body learnt to regulate my hormone levels again naturally.

I got pregnant in October 2018 and gave birth to my little bundle of joy a month ago.

I want to thank Dr. Jenny for the great treatment and helping me to on my journey of becoming a mum!

Elisabeth H, Auckland (* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Johann was born on 06/06/2019, weighing 2.625kg.


Below is what his mum Mr L.R said about her story on 12/12/2018:

We have been trying for 8 years and went for 2 IVF Treatments. 1 fail and 1 Success last 2016 but had a miscarriage at 10 weeks. Since then we tried to get pregnant naturally. When I went for a holiday back in the Philippines Dec 2017, my family referred me to a Reproductive Immunologist specialist and had some tests done, it turned out that my Lymphocyte Level is low and my anti-bodies are low and thus have a low immune system. I had 6 Sessions of Lymphocyte Immunization to boost my immune level so that my body won’t attack all foreign objects that’s entering my system. My Lymphocyte level was corrected however I didn’t fall pregnant in 3 months after trying.

On April 2018, we have started the acupuncture treatment weekly and it probably took us about 4 months of Total sessions. April- July 2018 Jenny explained that my uterus has to be cleaned for about 2-3 menstrual cycle, so I was pretty happy to see large lumps of blood flushed during my periods. July 18 and August 18 my cycle have changed and was always delayed, I thought of this as a sign that maybe it just doesn’t have a strong attachment yet. Jenny has been with me on my journey telling me all what to do, even giving me the strips for ovulation to time it right. She has been my motivation every week and I believe that my stress level has been taken care of too. And on October 2018 I found out I was 1 month pregnant!

I have continued my acupuncture so that Jenny can make sure proper blood flow will be supplied to my uterus to have a strong attachment. Now this is my last week of my First Trimester and I am looking forward to meet our cute baby at the right time.

I can’t thank Jenny enough for taking care of me and making things possible for us. This has been my first natural pregnancy at the age of 37 and I have faith in her that she’s more than capable of doing magic. She works wonders and you also have to believe and take care of your body. I will still be seeking her expertise and perform acupuncture throughout my pregnancy journey 🙂

Leah Ramos, Botany Downs(* Results are varied from person to person)




The twins of Aya and Aria from a natural pregnancy were born on 24/04/2018, weighing 2.5 and 2.7kg.


Below is what their mum Ms. Nusaiba.T said about her story:

Meeting Jenny was life changing!
I had just gone through my second miscarriage and got pregnant straight after, terrified I’d lose this pregnancy too.

Turns out I was having twins, this meant double the risk and fright for me!

Jenny however, had a way of putting me at ease, she made a plan specifically catered for me, this included advice on nutrition, best sleeping positions to encourage blood flow and other good habits to build ‘good factors’ that’ll help sustain the pregnancy..

I continued to see Jenny once a week during my first trimester .. and long story short my twin girls are now happy and healthy newborns !

Thanks you Jenny for making this miracle possible 🙂

Nusaiba T, Wellington (* Results are varied from person to person)




The twins of Olivia and Cooper were born on 06/09/2018 at 33 weeks + 6 days, weighing 1.38kg and 2.06kg.


Below is what their mum Ms. Wing-Sze said about her journey:

After 7 years of trying to conceive which included 6 failed IVF cycles, my husband and I were exhausted. I was 40 years old with endometriosis and we had 2 frozen embryos to transfer. It was our last attempt (we had no more energy for any more heartache) and decided to contact Dr Jenny Li after hearing that she was a specialist in fertility acupuncture.

I decided to try acupuncture with Dr Jenny Li in order to prepare my uterus for implantation following my embryo transfer. I had weekly acupuncture sessions a couple of months before the embryo transfer and then after transfer. After 7 years of trying to conceive, we were absolutely amazed to find out that I was finally pregnant….with twins…..both embryos had implanted. We had hit jackpot …..twice!! I continued with the acupuncture throughout my pregnancy and finally gave birth to our miracle twins.

We had previously seen acupuncturists, but none of them fully understood the fertility tests and the IVF process. Dr Jenny Li understood all the tests and steps in the IVF process and it gave us a huge amount of comfort that she could ask the right questions and fully explain the issues and what she could try to do to help. Jenny was really supportive throughout the process and was always available to answer any questions that I had. Jenny is compassionate, patient and dedicated to helping women with fertility issues. We are so grateful for all the help and support that Jenny provided to us as part of making our dream of having a family come true.

Wing-Sze, Auckland (* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Luciana was born October 2018 at 37 Weeks+4 days, weighing 3.42kg:)


Below is what her mum A.H said about her story:

Ms. A.H
47 years old
Anti-mullerian hormone 4.5 pmol/L (Feb 2013)
Prolactin 114 mIU/L (ref range<50)

Medical history
EUA, hysteroscopy, resection of polyp and division of septum
Laparoscopy myomectomy x 3 with multiple polyps and a uterine septum resected.
Advanced reproductive age.
No previous pregnancies.
Height 5ft. 3
Weight 55 kg

3 IVF attempts using my own eggs and sperm donor with clinic in NZ
June 2013
Number of eggs collected: 6
Method of insemination- ICSI
Number of eggs suitable for insemination: 3
Number of eggs fertilized normally: 2
Number of embryos transferred for to uterus: 1

August 2014 (used 5.14 Gonal-F 225 Colorado protocol)
Number of eggs collected: 8
Method of insemination- ICSI
Number of eggs suitable for insemination: 4
Number of eggs fertilized normally: 3
Number of embryos transferred to uterus: 2
Number of embryos for freezing for future use: 0

May 2015 (used 5.14 Gonal-F 300 Colorado protocol)
Number of eggs collected: 8
Method of insemination- ICSI
Number of eggs suitable for insemination: 4
Number of eggs fertilized normally: 4
Number of embryos transferred to uterus: 2

2 IVF attempts using donated embryos in USA

The 2nd attempt in the USA was successful – January 2018 1 x embryo transferred. (egg donor 21, sperm donor 27 yrs old)

Acupuncture commenced July 2017 for 6 months.

My experience of acupuncture:
I had heard about acupuncture for fertility but didn’t try this until my friend who knew about my previous IVF attempts gave me Jenny’s contact details. I was at the point that after 4 IVF attempts which hadn’t been successful based on very precise science and medications that I decided to try acupuncture. I had decided that my 5th IVF attempt would be my last as after 4 previous rounds of IVF and 3 pelvic surgeries I thought I was getting too old and was emotionally over it.

I used to mostly enjoy my acupuncture sessions. To start, I was a bit nervous but as I learned to trust Jenny and realize that the needles really didn’t hurt I would often fall asleep during my sessions. I attended acupuncture on a weekly basis and this extended to fortnightly sessions at times.

I did all that I was asked by Jenny – eg I used to put my feet in a hot bucket of water in the first weeks of commencing acupuncture.
I believe acupuncture was a part of my success of having my baby as this was the only factor which hadn’t been tried at previous IVF attempts.

L.H was born by elective caesarean October 2018 at 37+4
Weight 3.42kg (50th c)

Andrea H, Epsom (* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Mihaan was born on 23/01/2019, weighing 3.41kg and well developed:)


Below is what his mum Mrs S said about her story:

We were trying for a year when our GP recommended us to try acupuncture as an alternative. Having seen Natural Harmony sign before, I contacted Jenny and made an appointment. From the very first meeting, Jenny was friendly and very patient in answering all my questions.

We started acupuncture treatments and i am amazed to say that just after two treatments my husband and I were successful in conceiving. Continued treatment after conceiving was beneficial for my nausea as well. I am very thankful to Jenny for being with us throughout our journey – it wasn’t only the acupuncture that Jenny helped us with she also advised us on healthier lifestyle before conceiving and again throughout the pregnancy.

I would recommend Jenny to anyone who is trying to have a baby naturally – thank you Jenny 🙂

Mrs S, Ranui(* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Aston was born on 20/09/2018, weighing 3.54kg!


Below is what his mum Ms Vanessa K wrote:

I wanted to write a testimonial to show much Jenny Li did for me, and how much I appreciated her healing and advise for my case so others can hopefully read and experience miracles too. My story is below.

I got married in March 2017 and my husband and I decided a couple of months later we would like to start a family together. I had been on the Depo Provera nonreceptive injection for ten years and had the last one not long before our wedding.

Being on this injection you do not experience any regular cycles or bleeding. I knew to give it six months to get it out of my system then was hoping for a cycle to take place but this never happened. I went to see a gynecologist who sent me for an ultrasound and blood test and said that my endometrium lining was very thin and it would take a long time to get my cycles back.

I started to do my own research and found Jenny Li’s clinic, she looked very knowledgeable and experienced so I was very keen to meet her and made an appointment for a few days later. I had my first acupuncture session on the 16/08/2017 and continued to see her once a week. She recommended I started a herbal treatment as well because my lining was so thin and my job made me exhausted.

I started this treatment on the 07/09/2017. On the 17/10/2017 I experienced my very first mensural cycle in over ten years! This was only after two months of acupuncture and a month of taking the herbal medicine. We decided to wait one cycle before trying for a baby and started trying the next cycle while I continued acupuncture and the herbal medicine.

On the 16/01/2018 I found out that I was pregnant and on the 18/01/2018 my HCG was 230. I am currently 13 weeks pregnant with a little boy due in September. I believe this never would of happened without the help of Jenny and I will forever be grateful!

Vanessa K, Onehunga(* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Khadija was born on 18/05/2018, from a natural birth!


What her mum said on 22/11/2017:

We been trying to have baby for 5 years and went for IVF program in December 2016. Jenny has been taking care of my health and making sure my body is ready to accept the embryo.

I had a long treatment with Jenny before my IVF. Doctor found I had a hyperthyroid and therefore I had to put it under control otherwise it can cause miscarriage. So I went to Jenny for acupuncture, to re balance my hormones. It took me less than a year to bring my thyroid level back to normal. The specialist was surprise I had a speedy recovery. I’m sure Jenny’s acupuncture play a big roles in balancing my hormones level.

Both of my fallopian tubes was blocked. Through laparoscopy, the gynocologist had to drained and clipped it, so the toxic water won’t go to the uterus and kill / flush out the embryo. It will increase the chances of successful IVF by clipping it, but it means I have no chance of natural pregnancy.

My first embryo transfer was not successful. However, it was shown that the hormones level was increase significantly after I had treatments with Jenny.

Second embryo from the same cycle is transferred and I’m now 9 weeks pregnant. Jenny did acupuncture couple of times before the embryo transfer, on the day of the embryo transfer, then continuously doing acupuncture once a week up to week 12.

Too many factors involve in the IVF process, no one can really tell you why it is not successful. But I would strongly recommend you to go and see Jenny for acupuncture treatment, because your body will be re balance and it will definitely boost up the success chance of IVF. Not only a brilliant and knowledgeable acupuncturist Jenny is, she is the loveliest and most caring person, that you can be assure of you are in the best hand!

Merissa S, Manurewa (* Results are varied from person to person)




Baby Storm was born on 01/05/2018, 3.98Kg!


Below is what her parents said about their story:

Jessica M, Whangaparoa (* Results are varied from person to person)

Baby Pine was born on 20/05/2018, weighing 6 Pounds:-)


What her mum Monita said on 08/02/2018

I’m a 45yr old female who suffers from fibroids and very heavy periods with dangerously low iron levels. My partner and I tried for years to have a baby naturally, only to be told by our GP as well as many online sources that it was highly unlikely at my age.

About 2 years ago we were surprised to be told I was pregnant. Sadly it wasn’t mean to be as our baby had no heartbeat at 6weeks and I eventually miscarried by week 7.

We came across the Harmony Clinic website about a year ago and read all the reviews on the positive experiences many families had through alternative Chinese medicine. Feeling a bit unsure, we thought “what do we have to lose?” At my first meeting with Jenny, I found her to be very knowledgeable about female & male fertility, as she took the time to explain a lot of things to me as well as walk me through ways to improve one’s health and chances of conceiving a baby naturally.

We started the acupuncture treatments on a weekly basis, and every time we attended the appointments – Jenny was always so kind and caring, but at the same time very informative and gave us a lot of sensible and great advice for a healthier lifestyle for both myself and my partner. We took on board all of Jenny’s advice and even attended a fertility seminar, which she had kindly invited us to.

We can honestly say, that Jenny definitely knows what she’s talking about, because a few months after meeting Jenny – our GP confirmed last September that we’re pregnant. One of the first people we had to tell was Jenny. Because she’s pretty much been with us throughout our journey. At my age everything is harder, the morning sickness was terrible, but Jenny helped with that too. I’m now 6months pregnant, have had 3 scans so far which show our healthy baby girl growing and moving with a lot of energy. We now see Jenny once a month to ensure I remain healthy throughout the pregnancy.

We’ve been through so much, but Jenny has been there every step of the way for us. She’s more than just our acupuncturist – Jenny is like family to us.

For anyone who believes it’s not possible to have a baby naturally later in life – we encourage you to not give up hope. Because we didn’t give up.

Thank you Jenny for everything.

Monita S, Manurewa(* Results are varied from person to person)


I started having acupuncture with Jenny in June 2017. I used to have lots of cramps and headache before and during my periods, however, just after two or three times acupuncture with her, I don’t have headache anymore and just have a little bit cramps. Right now I don’t have PMS anymore and my pulse improved from “very weak” to “good”.

The most amazing thing is that my AMH value changed from 3.1 to 8.9! I was told by the fertility specialist that AMH can’t be improved and that it decreases by age so I am glad I didn’t give up and keep doing the weekly acupuncture. Jenny’s treatment is very unique and professional, she is also very caring during the treatment to make sure I don’t get cold and can relax. She is also a very friendly person to chat with.

I highly recommend Jenny and wish more couples can be benefited from her.

Jade L. C, Howick(* Results are varied from person to person)


Baby Grace was born from a natural birth at Wellington, weighing 8 Pounds 🙂

What her mum Alex.H said on 31/05/2017

I sought assistance from Jenny at Natural Harmony at short notice when undergoing my first round of IVF. I had researched all possible ways to increase the chances of a successful implantation and acupuncture was consistently mentioned. I drove immediately from the fertility clinic to Jenny’s practice after the embryo transfer, and not only did I receive much needed reassurance, but the acupuncture must have helped – now I am 16 weeks pregnant!

I went back to Jenny on several occasions to provide my baby the best chance of survival in those early stages. She was always genuinely caring and provided valuable advice. She is obviously very passionate and knowledgable about Traditional Chinese Medicine and I will be sure to go back to her when we are ready for baby number two to come along!

Alex H, Wellington(* Results are varied from person to person)


Baby Oakley was born from a natural birth after acupuncture labour inducing, weighing 7Ib 6oz:-)

What his mum Rosie.S said on 25/05/2017

My husband and I had been trying for almost a year to get pregnant with no success. My periods had stopped for 5 months and before being referred to fertility treatment I decided to try acupuncture with Jenny to try to regulate my hormones naturally.

I saw her each week for just over a month and before my period ever retuned I was pregnant! The acupuncture released a lot of stress and anxiety. I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to conceive. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and our little one is due beginning of November. I couldn’t be more thankful!

Thanks again!

Rosie S, Woodland Park(* Results are varied from person to person)

Baby Ayla was born on 10/07/2017 from a C-section, weighing 2.95kg 🙂


What her mum R.B said on 08/11/2017:

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 10 years. We’ve tried everything – from traditional to western – and went through three rounds of IVF. For my fourth embryo transfer, a friend suggested that I see Jenny from Natural Harmony to increase the chances of successful implantation. I was skeptical as I had tried acupuncture.

At the last minute and very short notice, I decided to try. Jenny saw me before and after the embryo transfer. The transfer was successful! I continued to see Jenny during the first trimester so my body can provide the optimum care and to be able to hold on to the pregnancy.

I am thankful to Jenny! Right from the start I felt at ease with her. Jenny patiently addressed any concerns and questions I had – which was quite a few! She is a genuinely caring and supportive person. I always felt better after a session with her?

Ruqayah B, Waiuku(* Results are varied from person to person)

Baby Hunter was born on 05/08/2017 from a natural birth after acupuncture labour induction, weighing 8Ibs:-)


What his mum Ms. Lizzie C said about her story

I visited Jenny from Natural Harmony when I was ten days over due with my first baby. I had tried all other natural induction methods and decided I would give acupuncture a try before my medical induction booking 4 days later.

Jenny was very warm and friendly. She didn’t plan to work that Thursday afternoon but came into the office just to help me with my special case.

Jenny used acupuncture in a number of areas which was pain free and comfortable. We had great chats along the way.

Jenny told me to come back In to see her in 48 hours if there was still no progress. On Friday night at 7.30 (27 hours after visiting Jenny) my contractions started, and just 8 hours later I had my baby boy in my arms. I had a completely natural water birth.

I believe that Jenny assisted kick start my contractions and further assisted in my fast delivery.

Jenny is very professional and she is a very kind lovely person she even sent my baby boy a gift on his arrival. I recommend her to anyone and everyone having troubles with fertility or pregnancy.

Lizzie C, Manurewa(* Results are varied from person to person)


Baby Rory was born from a natural birth after acupuncture labour inducing, weighing 2.8kg 🙂

After the first labour inducing acupuncture on 23/05/2017, baby was fully engaged,

Then 4 hours after the second acupuncture on 26/05/2017, water broke and the baby was born over night!


What his mum Hannah said about her experience:

I came to see Jenny in August as I had incredibly irregular periods. My youngest son was two and a half and I had only had two periods since his birth. My husband and I wanted another child but needed to get past this barrier.

Jenny was informative and encouraging. I left after my first appointment feeling as though I was in good hands and positive that I would get my cycle back for this first time in a long time. Two days after my first appointment my period returned and I had another cycle 5 weeks later. Now after three months of visits I am two months pregnant. I never knew it could happen so quickly! Jenny is amazing.

I feel safe energised and happy when I see her. Now she’s helping me with morning sickness! Thanks Jenny!

Hannah D, Glen Eden (* Results are varied from person to person)


Baby Eva was born on 29/04/2017 from a natural birth, weighing 2.925kg!


What her mum Etty said on 30/10/2016:

Over the past 6 years, my partner and I have had 12 unsuccessful fertility attempts, via intrauterine insemination (IUI) and In vitro fertilisation (IVF) at Fertility clinics in South Africa and in New Zealand.

From the beginning of 2016, in preparation for our 13th attempt, I started receiving fertility acupuncture treatments from Jenny Li on a weekly basis.

We are happy to announce that we are 12- weeks pregnant today and our baby girl in due on 2 May 2017.

Jenny Li, your gender pulse diagnosis at 9 weeks was correct – we are indeed having a little girl.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Jenny Li, who played a vital role with my fertility to not only prepare my body for the conception of our beloved baby, but also ensure that I hold on to our little miracle.

Jenny furthermore helped me to successfully lower my anti-depressant medication dosage from 150mg down to 30mg per day. I never thought that this was possible due to being on this medication for the last 10 years.

Thank you Jenny for your support and genuinely caring. You are amazing

Etty J, Albany (* Results are varied from person to person)


The little Purell’s baby was born on 09/01/2017, from a home birth and Mr. Purell delivered the baby himself!


What his mum S. Purell said on 09/09/2016:

It took us a long time to conceive our first child and when we decided to try for our second again it took us a long time, a year without any luck. So I thought I would give acupuncture a go.

Jenny was very informative, easy to talk to and caring, and provided lots of advice. Within 3 months of a mixture of acupuncture and herbal medicine we had finally fallen pregnant. I then continued with the acupuncture up until I was 12 weeks pregnant. We’re now anticipating the arrival of our baby in January.

Jenny predicted it would be a boy and she was right. I would definitely suggest anyone trying to conceive to contact Jenny and give acupuncture a go.

Thanks Jenny!

S. Purnell, Avondale (* Results are varied from person to person)


Baby Ashlynn was born on 26/12/2017, from a natural birth 🙂

What her mum D.X said on 06/01/2017:

As a healthy woman with no apparent fertility problems, my only concern is my age as 37 years old. In our asian society, I’m grouped in high risk pregancy. As a first baby pregancy, I want to make sure my body will be ready for it and help improve my chances to conceive. I was referred by friend to Jenny as she has full of experience especially in fertility acupuncture treatment.

I can honestly say it was one of the best decision I have made throughout my entire journey to conceive. Jenny was really friendly and privided a lot of useful knowledge apart from treatment. I found Jenny to be friendly, positive and professional. I will continue to use Jenny in the future and I will happy recommend her to family and friends with confidence.

D.X Albany (* Results are varied from person to person)


Baby Evan was born on 23/11/2016, from a natural birth 🙂


What his mum A.R said on 26/05/2016:

I had been trying to become pregnant for a year, so I went to the doctor and since we were fine, she recommended that I try acupuncture before continuing with any further tests. I had never tried acupuncture before, and had heard good things about it, so I was very interested in giving it a go.

I found Jenny to be so lovely, easy to talk to and very informative. The whole experience was very relaxing, pain free and she made me feel nice and calm. I visited her once a week and I began to notice I had more energy, was sleeping better and I worked on trying to relax more.

Then a few months later, I fell pregnant! I continued to have acupuncture throughout my first trimester, which helped me feel great with barely any morning sickness. I am very grateful of Jenny’s caring support during this whole time. Thank you.

A.R Green Bay (* Results are varied from person to person)


Baby Conner was born on 07/10/2016, 2 days before the due date 🙂


What his mum Concepcion said on 30/04/2016:

I’ve been struggling to get pregnant for almost 9 years. I had one natural pregnancy where unfortunately I miscarried. And then, I had 2 IVF cycles with a total of 6 embryo transfers in which one resulted to positive but eventually miscarried at 6 weeks.

It was a difficult journey that lead me to try accupuncture. Jenny was recommended by my Osteopath. During my first session with her she initially checked my toungue and she noticed that it’s a bit pale indicating possible energy and blood defficiency. And that could probably explain why I had a natural pregnancy but there’s not enough blood circulation to sustain viability.

After the treatment, I felt something on my ovaries like a pinching sensation. I had a couple of sessions and before I went to the third session I just wanted to test if I’m pregnant because my period is also a bit delayed. And to my surprise, I was indeed pregnant!

Jenny had been very supportive during the early stage of my pregnancy, giving me some tips on how to take care of myself during that critical stage. I highly recommend Jenny, she’s very knowledgeable and experienced in the use of accupuncture to help with infertility issues.

Thanks again Jenny for you have been instrumental in making our dream come true 🙂

Concepcion P, Takanini (* Results are varied from person to person)


Baby Isabella was born on 28th June 2015 that was a few days early than the due date.


What her mum Karla said on 14/07/2015:

I decided to try acupuncture because I was having very bad headaches, and was also very stressed. I started seeing Jenny and right away I knew I was in good hands – in a few weeks there was already improvement. I was also trying to get pregnant and she focused the acupuncture on this as well. I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and baby and I are very well.

I completely recommend Jenny, she is very professional, but also kind and compassionate. Thank you again Jenny.

Karla H, Glen Eden(* Results are varied from person to person)


I am a Registered Nurse working in a Primary Health Setting. I was pregnant with my 2nd baby with having Gestational Diabetes and my due date was the 4th June 2014. I was still working full time as a nurse so I was on my feet a lot and having to monitor my blood sugar levels. My maternity leave was not till mid May so I had along way to go. Prior to becoming pregnant, I had been seeing a Chinese Acupuncturist for my amenorrhea and when I ruptured my Achilles tendon, my treatment was changed to focus on my injury than on my original problem as we needed to fix this new problem to tackle my main issue and I fall pregnant during this time so my treatment was discontinued. However, I really liked Acupuncture and the treatment as well as the understanding behind Chinese Acupuncture so I kept this in mind for wanting the treatment later on in my pregnancy.

When I was 28 weeks pregnant, I started to experience aching, sore feet and I started researching the internet for therapist that were trained in dealing with pregnant women and with massage to solve this problem as well as acupuncture. (I had in the past received a foot massage and it made my feet worse so I was hesitate for this again).

However, I came across Jenny Li Natural Harmony Clinic based in New Lynn and there was an attraction to her advertisement so the next day, I gave her a phone call after work as my feet were so sore and she was able to fit me in with her. I was very relieved and I did not know what to expect from her clinic.

I arrived to her clinic based in New Lynn and it was a small, private area and with warm welcoming when I knocked on the door. Jenny Li was very friendly and lead me into a room where I sat down on a comfy chair and her work colleague was going to attend to my feet. The worked very professionally and after the foot massage, I was so relaxed that I was able to sleep properly that night.

After the treatment, Jenny Li came in to see me and we started discussing my pregnancy and she suggested to me about acupuncture and how it could help me for natural delivery which I really wanted as my first delivery was an Emergency C section. So I was keen for this treatment as well as preparing my mind and body for a natural delivery. Jenny suggested to me to phone her after my next scan to see how baby was position and the weight of baby as well.

About 2 weeks later, I phoned Jenny that baby was breeched position so she said it was beneficial to start treatment now so she could turn baby before she was too big. So we started straight away with this technique where Jenny would use heat from the acupressure points of my feet to help turn baby. I would see Jenny for this twice a week for about 45 mins a session.

During receiving this treatment, I felt confident in what Jenny was doing and she was very knowledgeable in her field of work as well as being a qualified Doctor in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Paediatrics so I knew Jenny knew what she was doing and also, coming from a holistic approach, it made the experience more therapeutic for me. Jenny not only focused on my medical condition but also, on my well being and my mind with sleeping etc especially when you are heavily pregnant. When I had my next scan which was 4 weeks later, baby had turned head downwards and in a good position for delivery however, I was too early deliver so as time went on, she moved again but it was expected so I continue the treatment as long as I could.

Overall, I was happy with Jenny Li treatment and her approach to me being a client as well as having a health professional background, I was able to understand what Jenny was saying in regards to terminology and that she was professional in her approach and I felt culturally safe when I was treated by Jenny coming from a Maori ethnicity. I would highly recommend Jenny for future treatments and I would see her again for my next pregnancy.


Two weeks later after having my second baby, I was finding my breast milk was still not coming through fully as I had problems with my first baby and ended up partially breast feeding and formula. However, I wanted to fully breast feed this baby and then I had gotten in touch with Jenny. She came over to my house for a visit and advised me a few ways to help the milk supply to be secreted more flowing and to reduce milk build up in my breasts. I did this regime for 1 week and now I am still successfully breast feeding my baby who is nearly 6 months of age.

I was really helpful with this advice by Jenny and thankful, that I had received it.

Jureta T, Glendene(* Results are varied from person to person)


Jenny is amazing and always highly recommend to friends from day-to day treatments to specialized eg. pregnant treatments.

I have been seeing Jenny for almost 2 years and seen her for cupping when unwell, acupuncture for sprained ankle that nothing else helped……

Jenny is the first to call. Contact her today your body will thank you.

Melissa P, Kelston(* Results are varied from person to person)


Ms. C.E’s baby was born safely on 3rd June 2014.

What Ms. C.E said on 05/12/2013:

We had trouble conceiving and after various tests were told we had “unexplained infertility”. Conventional fertility treatment was going to be very expensive for us, so I researched other options, including Chinese medicine / acupuncture, and Jenny was recommended to me. After a detailed conversation (and no invasive tests!) Jenny had a diagnosis and treatment plan. I saw her over the course of several months and am pleased to report I’m now 14 weeks pregnant.

I thought Jenny was very thorough in considering all aspects of my health that might affect my condition, plus she explained her treatment well, which I found helpful in understanding why it was important for me to continue.

C. E, Sandringham(* Results are varied from person to person)


Baby Briar was born on the 06/06/2016, she was a very healthy 8lb 4 or 3.75kg and is growing like a weed.

What her mum Kat said on 07/11/2013:

Jenny was initially recommended to me by another accupuncturist who was going on holiday. From our first appointment she was professional but also very friendly. She was always happy to answer any questions or concerns I may have had with my treatment.

Jenny was also very generous with her time and resources, lending me equipment to use at home and is still checking how I’m going after finishing treatment several weeks ago. And I’m happy to say that her treatment plan seems to have worked, given my IVF cycle was a success and I am now 10 weeks pregnant. I would happily recommend Jenny to any of my friends.

Kat Boys, Riverhead(Results are varied from person to person)


Baby Marlon was born on 12/05/2013 from a C-section.

What his mum Tina said on 01/11/2012:

I went to see Jenny after 2 failed IVF cycles. I had been tested by the fertility clinic as having a low egg reserve meaning that I would not be able to produce as many eggs as the clinic would have liked to ensure success. Before going through my third IVF cycle I decided after some research to try acupuncture to give me the best chance of pregnancy.

Jenny worked with me every week for up to 4 months before and then during my IVF cycle. Jenny is very approachable, and I was very comfortable with her. She was very thorough and genuinely cared about my progress every step of the way……

I have not seen Jenny for 8 weeks since pregnant and no longer needed to see her, however she has kept in touch with me, checking in my feelings and making sure that everything was going well. It was great having the peace of mind knowing that by going through acupuncture with Jenny, I would absolutely recommend Jenny’s acupuncture for anyone. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a lot of experience with her craft which comes across very easily when she is working with you.

Tina M, Avondale(* Results are varied from person to person)


I was pregnant with my 2nd child suffered very bad pregnancy sickness so my doctor recommended Jenny Li for acupuncture.

I then was amazed that I could go to work and function normally for this period. I continued to see Jenny until I was 18 weeks pregnant, she made a huge difference to me and I am very grateful to her.

Cath L, New Lynn(* Results are varied from person to person)

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  1. I have been seeing Dr Jenny weekly for ferlity acupuncture. I am 43 years old have a blended family with my husband and have been trying for 8 year to conceive. As I aged I stared to have shorter cycle of 21 days after treatment with Jenny for 2 months I am now having a normal cycle of 28-30 days. Although I am not currently pregnant YET this will give us every possible chance to conceive.
    Thank you Jenny your professional warm manner makes me feel so relaxed and you have so much knowledge around fertility and other health topics.

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