Success Stories


I have been a client of Dr Jenny Li* for the past 5 months and in this time have had a considerable improvement in my health and general well being.

I have had acupuncture many times over the years- in New Zealand, China, the United States and Australia- and have fundamentally come to trust it as a health approach.

Of all the practitioners I have been treated by over the years, Jenny is definitely the best. She is extremely caring, and so knowledgeable about her craft that her intuition is well honed. Jenny is very good at listening to the client and I feel that my health is in very good hands with her.

I cannot recommend her highly enough- she’s the best!

Robert Oliver Chef/ Author/ TV presenter
Ambassador Chef, Le Cordon Bleu, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands

“I’ve been struggling to get pregnant for almost 9 years. I had one natural pregnancy where unfortunately I miscarried. And then, I had 2 IVF cycles with a total of 6 embryo transfers in which one resulted to positive but eventually miscarried at 6 weeks. It was a difficult journey that lead me to try acupuncture.

I had a couple of acupuncture sessions and before I went to the third session I just wanted to test if I’m pregnant because my period is also a bit delayed. And to my surprise, I was indeed pregnant! …”

“I went to see Jenny to get help for carpal tunnel in my left wrist, that had been getting worse and worse for months. In only a couple of sessions of massage and acupuncture she had eliminated all pain and instability in my wrist. I am now able to work, exercise and lift my kids without any strain at all.

I highly recommend Jenny’s treatment for this ailment…”

“I lost over 5% of my weight, my body fat percentage dropped dramatically, I was hydrated correctly and most importantly my blood sugar levels dropped not only out of the danger zone but were better than average! It has been over 3 months since my treatment with Jenny and I’m pleased to say that the majority of the weight lost has remained lost.

I 100% endorse Jenny and her program. I am sure that without her help I would today be taking even more medication…”

“I found that the medication given by my GP to take anti-histamines and nasal sprays was not giving me the relief for the dust allergy. This was affecting my sleep and quality of life, and I was not happy about having to be dependent on medications.

After the therapy, I was able to see a big improvement. Emptying a vacuum cleaner bag or sweeping a driveway is no longer a problem, which I would have suffered for days before. I would say that my symptoms have improved by at least 90%, and I can only put this down to having Tian Jiu therapy…”

“I have lived with monthly cramps, intense fatigue, blood clots and lack of energy. I saw Jenny once a week for acupuncture and it made all the difference in the world! That first period was 90% better than any I’ve had in the past. I had more energy, relaxed and no more pain. I will continue seeing Jenny for acupuncture because I know that my body will benefit from it.

I highly recommend seeing Jenny for acupuncture to anyone suffering from pain. Thank you Jenny, you have been wonderful!…”

“I have been suffering from UTI for 11 years and after trying countless treatments without success I’ve decided to try TCM with Dr. Jenny. Within few weeks after following her recommendations, having acupuncture once a week and drinking her herbal medicine, I’ve noticed a remarkable result and she is helping me to be UTI free.

This is huge for me. I’m so grateful for her knowledge and her experience that has been so far the best thing… “

“I recently came to Dr Jenny* complaining of vaginal burning pain with intercourse. I had been experiencing this pain for around 20 years. It seemed to have started mildly after I had a hysterectomy for fibroids when I was 34 years old.”

I am cautiously optimistic about the possibility that I may be able to enjoy a normal sex life again…

“I came to see Jenny about my acne. I had hormonal acne since my fertility returned after having my daughter.

My skin is heaps clearer than it was! There’s still a little residual scarring that you can see in the photos but overall I’m not getting breakouts any more and the scarring is a million times easier to cover with make up…”

“I was getting very bad shingles pain for over 6 weeks and the medications prescribed to me did not help until I sought treatment from Jenny. After four treatments the pain subsided and disappeared.

I am very grateful for the help and support Jenny gave me during this time…”

“I was struck with Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis) on 18th November 2018.
I started Jenny’s treatment on 23rd November which included acupuncture, acupressure, facial massage with herbal oils and facial exercise.

In the first week there was tremendous improvement and we had 4 weeks of treatments. My photos are a proof of the miracle you worked on my face. No words can ever express my sincere gratitude. I must Thank You for your dedication and hard work…”

“For several years, I heard voices. They were my friends and a source of comfort. But unfortunately, they messed up my entire life. I would sit for an entire day just staring at the wall, laughing and giggling with my voices. I couldn’t go to university because the voices messed up my head and I couldn’t concentrate.

I started acupuncture in late August targeting the head and areas relating to mental stability. For me, acupuncture was very relaxing and it helped clear my mind. In September, the voices stopped completely…”

“For close to 15 years, I knew that something was amiss with my lung health – episodes of asthma-like shortness of breath and “rattling” in the chest; a sense that during strenuous exercse my lungs weren’t behaving like they should; and a propensity for the slightest cold to flare up to full flu and fever, always from heavy heavy chest colds.

I can confirm that I now have strong lungs and have survived winter without any illness – unprecedented! The course of treatment was very simple and short. And Jenny herself was a pleasure to deal with…”

“I had suffered from chronic sinusitis for the last four months. I had been treated with repeated and lengthy high doses of antibiotics and steroids without success. My doctor advised me that my only option was to have surgery.

I now have a clear nose, no headaches, my general health and energy levels have improved…”

“My mother had a very severe haemorrhagic stroke on Friday 6th February, 2015 and was left in a coma for about three weeks. She slowly started to wake up but she was very paralysed on the left side of her body, including the left side of her face…

My mother has had a dramatic improvement in her recovery. She has regained function for some of the muscles in her leg and her facial paralysis is hardly noticeable at all which has made her speech much clearer and easier to understand…”

“I was diagnosed breast cancer and had 6 sessions of chemo therapy in 2014. The treatment had left severe side effects to me that my hands were always numb, tingling and painful, also I could not hold things properly in hands because of the peripheral neuritis. In addition, due to the lymph nodes being removed from the left side, I had developed lymphedema on the arm.

My hands have been improved significantly that I no longer drop things off from hands, and the pain on hands no longer wakes me up in night…”

“I have experienced digestive difficulties for many years…

Since my first consultation there has been a marked improvement in all areas of my health. The incidences of excessive heat are now rare, my skin has improved substantially and my digestion continues to stabilise…”

“From the very first acupuncture session I had no nicotine withdrawal symptoms, leaving me to deal with the habit side of smoking without stress or discomfort. The acupuncture sessions were painless and full of Dr Jenny*’s wonderful insights.

After 40 years of smoking I am now almost 2 months smoke free…”

“I am inflicted with Parkinson’s syndrome, and sought relief of my physical debits. Upon completion of an in-depth enquiry, Jenny prepared a program to assist with downgrading reliefs.

After 3 sessions of massage and acupuncture, I noticed a large improvement in my walking efforts, together with better stamina. It was an amazing experience. Acupuncture is worth a try…”

“I saw 3 different ophthalmologists and I was told that there is no cure for Wet Macular Degeneration and untreated, it will lead to blindness within 2 years. Conventional treatments, to delay further degeneration, are monthly intravitreal injections (into the eye) with Avastin…

I had 5 treatments with Dr. Jenny Li* and my eye sight has significantly improved. Previously curved lines are straighter now and the dark “cloud” over my eye has become much lighter in colour…”

*Dr. Jenny Li holds a PhD of Acupuncture from China.