Acupuncture for Pain Conditions

Unlike conventional Western medical practice, Chinese medical treatment for pain begins with the practitioner taking a detailed history of the patient including many aspects of the patient’s life, such as diet, sleep habits, emotional patterns, bowel movements and urination, exercise and past health history, along with observations of the patient’s body shape, gait, posture and movement, an examination of the patient’s tongue, and palpation of the pulse and painful areas.

The most common Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment of pain is a combination of acupuncture and herbal medicines. Acupuncture is the practice of inserting very fine needles into the skin for the purpose of stimulating specific  points in the body. This therapy is intended to recover the balance of energy in the body that has been lost in the pathogenic conditions, and is often accompanied by local massage and the use of moxibustion – a burning stick of dried herbs that applies heat to a specific area, much like a heating pad or hot water bottle for the pain relief and blood circulation improvement.
The whole treatment then achieves positive outcomes of repairing impairments, improving functions and promoting participations.

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How Traditional Chinese Medicine relieves pain and improves wellbeing

According to practitioners and those who use this form of treatment, Traditional Chinese Medicine can do the following:

    • Reduces the patient’s level of pain by reducing muscle tension and relieving nerve pinching;
    • Improves both the patient’s pain tolerance and ability to deal with pain, regulates the negative emotions associated with pain such as fear, anxiety, frustration and depression;
    • Increases energy levels and the patient’s ability to perform everyday functions;
    • Reduces reliance on traditional oral medications;
    • Enhances the quality of life.

What our patients had to say

Helen D, New Lynn

In the last year I had headaches on a daily basis, alongside the odd migraine. It made me feel nauseous, light headed and generally unwell. Taking medicine or not did not make any difference, and the eye and hearing tests were well. A specialist of vertigo diagnosed me with vestibular migraines and prescribed me propopanolol, a beta blocker.

The headaches were minimal for a month but then they came back just as bad as in the beginning. My GP suggested that I contact Jenny for an alternative solution to avoid increasing the dosage of my beta blocker. Jenny gave me a very welcoming, cheery and incredibly positive. She sat down with me as if she had all the time in the world to hear about my problems and the journey that had brought me to her. Her wealth of medical knowledge and confidence put me at ease immediately. She has a fabulous sense of humour and she explained exactly what we could do to ease my symptoms.

My sessions are never rushed – and I come out relaxed. My 6 year old daughter even allowed Jenny to pop a needle in her hand and she thought that was wonderful.

I’m delighted for the acupuncture and massage I had.

Eileen G, Glen Eden

A letter of thanks–in the words of our mum, in her 83rd year suffering from shingles.

“I had the shingles for about 9 weeks and with medication and ointments were helping, but not 100 %. It was recommended by friends to try acupuncture.

I would recommend her and her treatment to anyone. Thanks again Jenny.”

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    *Dr. Jenny Li holds a PhD of Acupuncture from China, and is also a registered physician in China.