Parkinson‘s Disease Successes

I am inflicted with Parkinson’s syndrome, and sought relief of my physical debits. Upon completion of an in-depth enquiry, Jenny prepared a program to assist with downgrading reliefs. After 3 sessions of massage and acupuncture, I noticed a large improvement in my walking efforts, together with better stamina. It was an amazing experience. Acupuncture is worth a try.

The treatment George received was excellent. Jenny has wonderful ability to assist the client.

George and Dorothy T, Henderson(* Results are varied from person to person)

I met Jenny about a year ago when I approached her to assist in managing my Parkinson’s disease (PD). I have had acupuncture to treat a variety of ailments with positive results. I therefore approached Jenny Li to seek her assistance. I now have acupuncture regularly as I believe it gives relief to some of the symptoms of PD which can be quite debilitating.

I would recommend her to anybody seeking assistance from acupuncture. She always has a friendly disposition and greets you with a smile. She offers hope and encouragement and gives help and treatment where others can’t. She is a professional in her work. While she is “Chinese”, she is for all intents and purpose now, a “Kiwi”.

Geoff Winn, Te Atatu South(* Results are varied from person to person)

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