Digestive Problem Successes


I was fortunate to be recommended to Dr Jenny Li at a time when I was experiencing the discomfort of excessive heat in my body. At the first consultation I also told Dr Li about the digestive difficulties I have experienced for many years and the more recent skin condition which she diagnosed as a particular form of Dermatitis. I received acupuncture treatment and in consultation with Dr Jifu Li, (Dr Jenny Li’s father, a doctor of herbal medicine), was prescribed an herbal formulation which I have taken for several months.

Since my first consultation there has been a marked improvement in all areas of my health. The incidences of excessive heat are now rare, my skin has improved substantially and my digestion continues to stabilise.

Dr Li is an assured and professional practitioner with many years experience in hospital and private practice. She is a warm, caring doctor who inspires confidence in her patients. She also has the skill and expertise of Dr Jifu Li, her father, a retired Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in her clinic.


Dear Jenny,

I took the first dose of herbs yesterday and found them quite palatable and they felt fine in the body. Last night I was able to pass the gas from the bowel much more easily and the awful pain has now gone. I’ve also stopped burping heaps of gas when I eat! This morning I took the second dose, so I’ll let you know how I’m progressing in a day or so.

As well, my tongue is not as white and the edges are more normal again. I’m still eating carefully, but food is more tempting, so that’s a good sign. My thanks to you Jenny, I feel very fortunate to have such kind, caring people to call on.

Colleen P, Henderson Valley (* Results are varied from person to person)

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