Cancer Successes


I came to Jenny Li, acupuncturist, part way through an intense chemo-therapy course for pancreatic cancer. I had nausea and fatigue with very low energy levels. I have found that acupuncture has greatly assisted with nausea management and energy. After each session I walked out feeling significantly more energetic. My energy levels have progressively increased and I am better, able to manage nausea.

Jenny engages in a warm manner, explains well and is pro- active in patient management.

Hugh J, Block House Bay(* Results are varied from person to person)


I was diagnosed breast cancer and had 6 sessions of chemo therapy in 2014. The treatment had left severe side effects to me that my hands were always numb, tingling and painful, also I could not hold things properly in hands because of the peripheral neuritis. In addition, due to the lymph nodes being removed from the left side, I had developed lymphedema on the arm.

My friend recommended acupuncture to me and then I started treatments with Jenny 5 months ago on a weekly basis. My hands have been improved significantly that I no longer drop things off from hands, and the pain on hands no longer wakes me up in night.

Lesley M, Middlemore(* Results are varied from person to person)

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