Allergy(Tian Jiu) Testimonial


I came to see Jenny for some relief from the symptoms of a dust allergy. I found that the medication and advise given to me by my GP to take anti-histamines and nasal sprays was not giving me the relief that I needed. This was affecting my sleep and quality of life, and I was not happy about having to be dependent on medications.

I came to see Jenny because I wanted to take some control over this chronic condition, and thought that acupuncture was a natural and safe way of trying to relieve the symptoms. After several acupuncture sessions, Jenny suggested I try the herbal treatment called Tian Jiu. I did a little research and decided that at the very least there can be no harm to be done, and at best it could actually work! I took a leap of faith, and had the treatment.

My skin blistered under the herbal patches, but it was explained to me that this was a good result and it meant that I did not need to repeat the process. Results of the therapy were not instant, but over the following year I was able to see a big improvement. For example, there was no way I would have been able to empty a vacuum cleaner bag or sweep a driveway because of the dust, and I would have suffering for days afterwards. After the therapy, these jobs are no longer a problem. I would say that my symptoms have improved by at least 90%, and I can only put this down to having Tian Jiu therapy.

If there are other people that are suffering from allergies, I would have no hesitation in recommending that they give this therapy a go – it has certainly worked for me.

Kelly B, Laingholm (* Results are varied from person to person)

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