In the last year I had headaches on a daily basis, alongside the odd migraine. It made me feel nauseous, light headed and generally unwell. Taking medicine or not did not make any difference, and the eye and hearing tests were well. A specialist of vertigo diagnosed me with vestibular migraines and prescribed me propopanolol, a beta blocker.
The headaches were minimal for a month but then they came back just as bad as in the beginning. My GP suggested that I contact Jenny for an alternative solution to avoid increasing the dosage of my beta blocker. Jenny gave me a very welcoming, cheery and incredibly positive. She sat down with me as if she had all the time in the world to hear about my problems and the journey that had brought me to her. Her wealth of medical knowledge and confidence put me at ease immediately. She has a fabulous sense of humour and she explained exactly what we could do to ease my symptoms.
Jenny finds the problem areas so quickly, and clears them away! My sessions are never rushed – and I come out relaxed. My 6 year old daughter even allowed Jenny to pop a needle in her hand and she thought that was wonderful.
After 4 weeks the results are fantastic. I have HALVED my beta blocker dosage and I’m delighted that acupuncture and massage actually works for me.

Helen D, New Lynn


We had trouble conceiving and after various tests were told we had “unexplained infertility”. Conventional fertility treatment was going to be very expensive for us, so I researched other options, including Chinese medicine / acupuncture, and Jenny was recommended to me. After a detailed conversation (and no invasive tests!) Jenny had a diagnosis and treatment plan. I saw her over the course of several months and am pleased to report I’m now 14 weeks pregnant.

I thought Jenny was very thorough in considering all aspects of my health that might affect my condition, plus she explained her treatment well, which I found helpful in understanding why it was important for me to continue.


Cate, arrived on Tuesday 3 June, 3.3kg. She came out safely and fast bottom first! My older girl is enjoying being a big sister.

Caroline E, Sandringham

The pain of shingles was totally debilitating, the only thing I could do was sleep and painkillers did nothing to help. After one treatment from Jenny I realized that this was helping immensely. Four sessions later the pain was virtually gone and I could function normally. The shingles is still in my system but well under control.

Thank you Jenny indeed.

Clare Hargrave, Titirangi

As a participant of the recent “Changing Minds” seminar addressing the relevance of Acupuncture to mental health services, I found Jenny Li to be informative and very relevant. In this era of pharmaceutical dependence, she spoke candidly of the impact of and the holistic nature to recipients in significance of the efficacy of acupuncture.

Jenny’s “views on acupunctures” 5 Phase theory was both well informed and well documented. I believe her participation in the forum allowed for an educational and progressive review of the impact of such treatments, as well as being that it addesses the very foundations of quantifying understanding outcomes, with regards to establishing more effective practices in mental health service provisions.

Julian Mcorker-Dreen
P-Grad Dip Health (case management)
Chair Survivors Trust (Mental Health)
Exec Committee Practitioners

I have suffered from post shingles nerve pain for approximately the last six to seven years. I have tried numerous treatments and medication over the years with no effect. In April of this year I went to see Jenny Li to try accupuncture for my chronic pain. I experienced immediate relief after my first visit. I have been to Jenny for six sessions and I am now pain free. Accupuncture is virtually a painless treatment procedure which has changed my life in a positive way.

J. G, Northcote

I am inflicted with Parkinson’s syndrome, and sought relief of my physical debits. Upon completion of an in-depth enquiry, Jenny prepared a program to assist with downgrading reliefs. After 3 sessions of massage and acupuncture, I noticed a large improvement in my walking efforts, together with better stamina. It was an amazing experience. Acupuncture is worth a try.

The treatment George received was excellent. Jenny has wonderful ability to assist the client.

George and Dorothy T, Henderson

A letter of thanks–in the words of our mum, in her 83rd year suffering from shingles.

“I would just like to say that the acupuncture I received from Jenny helped me curing the pain I was suffering with a severe case of shingles a nerve disorder.I had the shingles for about 9 weeks and with medication and ointments were helping, but not 100 %. It was recommended by friends to try acupuncture. At first I thought,oh my god what is she doing, but after each session it was less. And after 5 visits with jenny, I can now say that I am free of pain.
I would recommend her and her treatment to anyone.Thanks again Jenny.”

Eileen G, Glen Eden

Jenny was recommended to me by my GP, I had visited her complaining of headaches over my left temple that had become more frequent. My doctor diagnosed these as Neuralgia and said that she could give me medication, which was heavy duty, or try acupuncture. After a thorough examination and taking down my medical history Jenny performed acupuncture, and there was a noticeable improvement in the frequency of the headaches. During my treatments Jenny explained Chinese medicine and answered any questions that I had. My last treatment was 2 months ago and I am happy to report my headaches have not returned. If they were I would have no hesitation in returning to Jenny for further treatment. I have also recommended her to several of my friends.

Julie M, Laingholm

I went to see Jenny for weight loss from another happy client of the Clinic. After 5 days of acupuncture I had lost 4kg. Of course I was “over the moon” at the weight reduction. What I lost in weight I gained in energy, confidence and a new lease of life, as I was feeling very low in esteem and was severely depressed, but now I am into joining a water walking class, something I would never have even considered before seeing Jenny.

I will be visiting Jenny for top-ups and to keep me honest with my journey to a renewed ME. Thank you Jenny for being so kind, helpful, understanding, friendly and encouraging.

Annette, Glendene

I went to see Jenny after 2 failed IVF cycles. I had been tested by the fertility clinic as having a low egg reserve meaning that I would not be able to produce as many eggs as the clinic would have liked to ensure success. Before going through my third IVF cycle I decided after some research to try acupuncture to give me the best chance of pregnancy.

Jenny worked with me every week for up to 4 months before and then during my IVF cycle. Jenny is very approachable, and I was very comfortable with her. She was very thorough and genuinely cared about my progress every step of the way. Lo and behold, this time I had a successful IVF pregnancy and I am now 12 weeks pregnant. I have not seen Jenny for 8 weeks since pregnant and no longer needed to see her, however she has kept in touch with me, checking in my feelings and making sure that everything was going well. It was great having the peace of mind knowing that by going through acupuncture with Jenny, I would absolutely recommend Jenny’s acupuncture for anyone. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a lot of experience with her craft which comes across very easily when she is working with you.

Tina M, Avondale

I was involved in a car accident in April 2008, where even after cervical spine disc replacements; I have a most likely will continue to have a condition which is known as CRPS, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. For me this is my Neck, right shoulder and back.

I write to advise and recommend anywhere suitable that Jenny Li and her magic massage and acupuncture sessions have and do work wonders for my condition and pain. At times even with high volumes of pain medication, I lose vast movement in these areas. With Jenny’s aid I get this movement back, and can continue to try an lead an almost normal lifestyle. I highly recommend these treatments to anyone with low movement or high pain…especially as CRPS has as yet, no cure.

Sian King, Glen Eden

I was diagnosed COPD because of a reduced lung capacity due to years of smoking, and I was very quickly out of breath and had very low energy levels. I had to use an inhaler in the rest of my life but I was not completely satisfied with the outcome of my doctor so I went to Jenny Li’s acupuncture clinic for a second opinion.

After acupuncture treatments the phlegm content in my lung had reduced for 80% and my energy levels are on the rise. I am very satisfied with the outcome because I do not have to use any inhaling medicine anymore.

Dave, Glen Eden

I had recently started having migraine headaches something I had not had since being pregnant with my youngest daughter who is now 8 years old, the last headache was extremely severe and debilitating, lasting for 3 days but also accompanied by flashing lights and paralysis down my left arm.

Jenny prescribed a course of treatment which included acupuncture with an electric charge & also massage. Jenny’s friendly & open nature ensured I felt totally comfortable & at ease with all the treatments she recommended. I only experienced one headache and that was after the first treatment, I have now been migraine free for many months, sleep better and as an extra Jenny have also helped me lose my tummy and I feel fitter, invigorated and full of life.

Allyson T, Avondale


Thank you so much Jenny for your help. I’m overjoyed to tell you that I have so much more energy – I can now play with my children without running out of breath in 2minutes. I also had a lot of trouble getting a full night’s sleep because I have sensitive hearing – now I wake up ready to start my day and less grumpy with my children and partner who would all love to say “Thank You”. I feel completely different after seeing you – your treatment relaxes me and has made me a better person and a better mother.

I have also heard from the hospital for my 5th round of egg donation.  Based on my blood results from my last round they were going to advise that I should not do another donation, however after seeing you for a few treatments and getting my bloodtests done again they are more than happy with the results and will let me cycle now.


After the first round of egg donations for this couple only resulted in 4eggs, 1 which was a fresh transfer and 1 which was a frozen transfer the fertility staff discussed it and decided that it would be ok for me to cycle again because the egg quality was good… just minimal numbers that’s all.  They sent a letter to my intended couple and a copy to myself basically stating that this would be their last publicly funded cycle regardless of whether or not I produced any eggs this next round.  This didn’t really instill a lot of confidence in me.  I also found out from the clinic that my AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) count was very low 1.33.  It had dropped from above 2 early 2010 to 1.33 in Dec last year.  I’m pleased to advise that they actually collected 11 yesterday.  As of this morning 9 of the 11 fertilised…and they (both the clinic and my intended parents are astonished).  In fact my very first round back in 2009 gave the same number of eggs and fertilisation rate and I believe as well as my intended parents that accupuncture was the answer.

Richelle C, New Lynn

I have been having treatments for my painful shoulder and neck from Jenny for a few months now. After thorough assessment of my symptoms and a range of treatments to help provide relief, I have now regained strength and extension of movement in my arm. The pain has decreased too. This allows me to continue my sport of paddling, as well as helping my regular daily activities.

Jenny has provided me with education of the causes of my injuries, and exercises for me to do between treatments. I am very pleased with the treatments you have given me and intend to continue with it, until the optimal results have been achieved.

Linley R, Glendene

At the time of my initial consultation I was suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain, which was interfering with my work and disrupting my sleep.

Just a few months into Jenny’s treatment regime I have experienced so much relief that I have been able to reduce the frequency of my treatments. The neck pain is simply no longer a problem for me, while the pain in my shoulders and back is being adequately managed. My sleep patterns have improved and I can now work for extended periods at my computer and on the phone without pain. Thank you again for your professionalism and, most importantly, the fantastic results.

Rob C-Former NZ Wheel Blacks, Kumeu

I have been seeing Jenny for several months for severe chronic pain following an ankle injury 28 years ago. Amazingly form the very first visit I felt relaxes and the very first benefit was a reduction in the stress I had been feeling and I was able to get a really good night sleep for the first time in months.

Jenny is extremely professional and experienced but she has a lovely personality too and I thoroughly look forward to my sessions with her not only for the relief they give me from my symptoms but also for her company. I always leave the sessions feeling much better.

Mandy F, New Lynn

After many years of constant stress, I was not coping with all aspects of my life and needed help. After a thorough and comprehensive initial consultation it was obvious that Jenny has a holistic approach to her work which encompasses all levels of healing.

As western medicine treats only the injury and looks no further than that, it was a relief to have an opportunity to experience healing on many levels. The sessions I have had with Jenny have indeed provided stress relief and healing on the mental, emotional and physical planes and I am, now, more capable of meeting life’s challenges head on.

Janet, New Lynn

Her (Jenny Li) talents have helped me greatly with controlling blood pressure, muscular aches and pains and keeping me in good health as I grow older with regular pulse diagnosis and corrective treatment. Her English language skills are excellent which is very necessary when dealing with non-Chinese speakers.

It is my belief that Acupuncture and other traditional treatments are a great supplement to western Medicine can only be successfully administered by suitably qualified ethnic Chinese as only they can fully understand the philosophy that supports this natural treatment.

Don Matthew, Green Bay

Jenny has worked with me for 7 years. I am a C6 tetraplegic. I play wheel chair Rugby and it is demanding on my shoulders. Jenny’s treatments and massage has helped maintaining my shoulders, keeping them pain free with good strength and range.

Martin P, Whenuapai

I had great help from Jenny Li when I had my shoulders injured and Jenny has help me a lot to get rid of my pain and if there is something she is always ready to help. Thank you so much Jenny.

Anil K, Glen Eden

I met Jenny about a year ago when I approached her to assist in managing my Parkinson’s disease (PD). I have had acupuncture to treat a variety of ailments with positive results. I therefore approached Jenny Li to seek her assistance. I now have acupuncture regularly as I believe it gives relief to some of the symptoms of PD which can be quite debilitating.

I would recommend her to anybody seeking assistance from acupuncture. She always has a friendly disposition and greets you with a smile. She offers hope and encouragement and gives help and treatment where others can’t. She is a professional in her work. While she is “Chinese”, she is for all intents and purpose now, a “Kiwi”.

Geoff Winn, Te Atatu South

Thanks very much Jenny for your excellent treatment for my injury, your confidence in my injury treatment was the best part that gives me also comfort. I would also appreciate the half hour therapy gift voucher for my birthday and wish I could change it to half year.

I would not recommend anyone else but only you. You are the best.

Lucas H, Henderson

Approximately 2 years ago I was inflicted with acute lower back, hips, and knee and above leg pain due to long hours of physical training. I visited a number of physio therapist and osteopaths but did not help or only for a temporary solution. My swim training instructor recommended Jenny Li to me as she does with a lot of her students; I am so pleased after a number of TCM treatments including massage, acupuncture and cupping that cured all my aches and pains. Not only did Jenny cure my condition she educated me as well and taught me what I was doing wrong in my training and how my pain and muscle tightness can be prevented in the future.

I found Jenny’s TCM treatments to be more than beneficial and far superior to the Western style of massage and other treatments. I still visit Jenny every now and again to keep my body in top condition and I would recommend her and her TCM treatments to anyone with any sort of muscular pain or any other aliment.

Darryn S, Henderson

Traumatic injury to the right inferior dental nerve and nerve irritation to the distribution of the right trigeminal nerve followed by dental work involving a mandibular nerve block.

I had lost all my nerve feeling on the right side of my face from the dentist going into the nerve with the local anesthesia. My very best friend told me that the best thing to do is to have acupuncture and recommended Jenny Li. I have been seeing Jenny now for 16 acupuncture meetings, one or two days after I can feel a difference each time. Jenny couldn’t do enough for me. As Jenny has done the upmost very right treatment to get my face and life back in order. I recommend to any one that Jenny Li for Acupuncture and nerve repair.

Robert A, New Windsor

After purchasing our new business which involves a lot of physical work, I started getting symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. A few week later after working at sites, both my wrist were extremely painful and tingling sensation throughout my fingers and also sore thumb. In the mornings before I wake up, my fingers get frozen and very painful to open and close my palm. This continued for about 3 weeks until I found Jenny’s website via Google.

I had read about surgeries, but that was something I did not wish to have due to post surgery side effects etc. I called Jenny and she was very helpful over the phone and booked me for a free 1st treatment and consultation. Jenny knew exactly what my problem was and was very professional with the entire course of my treatment. After just the 1st visit I felt a lot of difference. After 3 treatments, one every week my symptoms were down to almost 5%. 2 weeks after my last treatment it feels like its almost gone. Thank you Jenny for everything you have done for me, you got my life back on track again.

Al Kumar, Avondale

I went to Jenny for severe heads/migraines and she gave me a very detailed examination and told me acupuncture was to help restore my body’s natural balance and energy fields, and also to help the blood flow run correctly to stop the pain.

Jenny kept me very calm and she applied the needles with ease and no effort. The procedure was very painless and quick, you can feel the blood moving around. (This really does feel very relaxing). Within the first 2 weeks I noticed a dramatic difference with the painful attacks, they were more or less gone. After treatment if an attack was coming on it seemed to quickly subside and not be as painful.

I have been seeing my doctor for 2 years previously and they didn’t know what the attacks were and just claimed them as cluster migraines, but Jenny knew otherwise and treated the heart of the problem with instant results, so I can honestly say Jenny has saved me from days of severe painful attacks.

I can now function normally and don’t have to stay at home and be in pain. Thank you Jenny Li you are truly amazing at what you do and I would like to thank you for helping me be “normal” again.

Karen B, Parau

I was pregnant with my 2nd child suffered very bad pregnancy sickness so my doctor recommended Jenny Li for acupuncture. I then was amazed that my severe nausea and vomiting would subside after each treatment for 2 – 3 days at a time, this meant I could go to work and function normally for this period. I continued to see Jenny until I was 18 weeks pregnant, she made a huge difference to me and I am very grateful to her.

Cath L, New Lynn

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