Acupuncture for Pain Conditions

Unlike conventional Western medical practice, Chinese medical treatment for pain begins with the practitioner taking a detailed history of the patient including many aspects of the patient’s life, such as diet, sleep habits, emotional patterns, bowel movements and urination, exercise and past health history, along with observations of the patient’s body shape, gait, posture and movement, an examination of the patient’s tongue, and palpation of the pulse and painful areas.

The most common Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment of pain is a combination of acupuncture and herbal medicines. Acupuncture is the practice of inserting very fine needles into the skin for the purpose of stimulating specific points in the body. This therapy is intended to recover the balance of energy in the body that has been lost in the pathogenic conditions, and is often accompanied by local massage and the use of moxibustion – a burning stick of dried herbs that applies heat to a specific area, much like a heating pad or hot water bottle for the pain relief and blood circulation improvement.
The whole treatment then achieves positive outcomes of repairing impairments, improving functions and promoting participations.

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How Traditional Chinese Medicine relieves pain and improves wellbeing

According to practitioners and those who use this form of treatment, Traditional Chinese Medicine can do the following:

  • Reduce the patient’s level of pain by reducing muscle tension and relieving nerve pinching;
  • Improve both the patient’s pain tolerance and ability to deal with pain, and regulate the negative emotions associated with pain, such as fear, anxiety, frustration and depression;
  • Increase energy levels and the patient’s ability to perform everyday functions;
  • Reduce reliance on traditional oral medication;
  • Enhance the quality of life.

Why come and see us?

  • We care about our patients;
  • We treat our patients with the upmost respect and privacy;
  • Dr Jenny Li is a registered specialist in pain conditions in China and an ACC accredited acupuncturist in NZ.

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What our patients had to say

Christine Dunn, New Lynn

I came to Jenny for treatment for an overuse injury in my right hand and wrist. When I came to Jenny the pain in my hand was very acute and struggled with all daily tasks i.e getting dressed, writing, using a knife and fork etc.ACC gave me 10 sessions with her, which she gave me massage therapy and accupunture.

After the treatment was completed, the pain levels had massively reduced and have been able to achieve daily tasks with little or no pain. Unfortunately I was only given 10 sessions and I think a few more would have been beneficial. Although not completely healed yet, am well on my way to recovery. Thank you Jenny for all your help.

Linley Rivers, New Lynn

I have been attending Jenny’s clinic for several months now, having treatment for my painful shoulder and neck. Jenny has been thorough in her assessment of my symptoms and have prescribed a range of treatments to help provide relief. These have included regular acupuncture and deep massage sessions..

I have now regained strength and extension of movement in my arm. The pain has decreased. This allows me to continue my sport of paddling, as well as helping my regular daily activities. Jenny has provided me with education of the causes of my injuries, and exercises for me to do between treatments. I am very pleased with the treatment Jenny has given me and intend to continue with it, until the optimal results have been achieved.

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