Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Natural Harmony’s ‘Acupuncture for Weight Loss’ program is tailor-made for each individual based on their constitution, health condition, lifestyle and motivation for losing weight.

There are three different components of the weight loss program: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Diet. The acupuncture element consists of short-term and long-term acupuncture therapy.

Mavis had the 2 weeks weight loss program and comments as below: (* Results are varied from person to person)

“I visited my cousin who I hadn’t seen for 2 months, and she said ‘oh my god, are you going to give me all your clothes?’”

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How our acupuncture treatment works for weight loss:

939528_014046331_2The short-term acupuncture therapy consists of a two-week course of daily needle acupuncture applied to specific body areas in order to spike the body’s metabolism by stimulating the channel system and then increasing the metabolic rate significantly and rapidly. This procedure generates body heat which then burns the fat as an energy source, or body fuel. By keeping the caloric intake to a minimum in line with the Basic Metabolic Rate, the patient will start to lose weight.

This acupuncture program can be thought of as ‘tapping’ into the body’s un-burnt energy source and is traditionally known as a ‘Slow Burn.’ In contrast, an athlete’s way of training is a ‘fast burn’ as they are predominantly burning muscle for energy. When athletes cease training on a particular day, they stop burning this source of body fuel. However, with acupuncture treatment the body continues burning fat for the entire 24 hour period until the next visit.

939528_003300564_2This mechanism requires our acupuncture weight loss program to follow a strict timetable of treatment every 24 hours within the first two week period, to ensure the best outcomes by applying regular stimulation to the channel system and metabolism.

At completion of the first two weeks short-term daily acupuncture, the long-term acupuncture at intervals of a week, ten days, a fortnight, or even a month is available under the request of continuous weight lose. With the use of long-term acupuncture, we build on the results of the short-term acupuncture sessions and help the person to lose more weight.

One great advantage of acupuncture treatment for weight loss is that the application of needles to the skin around the areas where fat accumulates, such as the abdomen and buttocks, tightens the skin and restores its appearance, in contrast to the results achieved through exercise, which leave the skin saggy and unattractive.

How our herbal medicine works for weight loss:

939528_014046331_2Herbal medicine is used for detoxification of food retention and surplus body fluid, which are common reasons for excess weight in Chinese medicine. Each herbal prescription is made on the particular individual’s condition.

A fat belly (abdominal obesity) usually indicates food retention from improper diet or eating habits, while swollen or puffy legs (lower body oedema) are a sign of excess body fluid (occurring mostly in women). Because of the different causes of over-weight conditions, the treatment for individuals varies too.

In summary, acupuncture works to burn current and future fat, while herbal medicine clears the food and toxins accumulated in the past. These elements, combined with a light and nutritious diet will keep the metabolic rate spiked, reduce body fat and result in weight loss.

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What our clients had to say

Torres Pati, Mangere Bridge

I tried the 2-week programme on a recommendation from my sister who had gone to see Jenny for her fertility treatment. I was told that she got a good vibe from Jenny and that I should try her weight-loss programme. I have to lose weight so I can have surgery on my lower back and I had been trying for weeks before seeing Jenny without much luck. I must admit that the acupuncture was a last resort. I’d tried everything else without losing any weight.

The acupuncture part of the programme was easy enough but the food/diet part took a bit of getting used to. I looked forward to the days that let me eat meat and dreaded the vegetable-only days. Two weeks went fast however and I’m happy for the achievements.

If you’ve tried everything else and you still can’t shift those stubborn kilos, come do this programme. You’ll be glad you did it.(* Results are varied from person to person)

Deidre. G, Massey

I was looking for a quick weight loss program before I go to Fiji to attend my sister’s wedding. So I attended the Natural Harmony Clinic & was surprised at how easy & pain free the acupuncture treatment was. I struggled with sticking to the diet plan & Chinese medicine in week 1, but I did it. This was exciting & it gave me more confidence to carry on.

I found Jenny to be very experienced & knowledgeable & I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a kick start to any weight loss program.(* Results are varied from person to person)

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