Herbal Medicine for Coronavirus COVID-19


Before pharmaceutical medicines were introduced to China, Herbal Medicine had been used to fight disease, including epidemics, in China for thousands of years. Herbal medicine not only relieves the symptoms of bacterial and viral infections, but most importantly Chinese Herbal Medicine, is based on the Chinese medical concept of strengthening the body’s resistance (immune system) to prevent the body becoming infected.

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Preventing and Treating Coronavirus with Chinese Herbal Medicine


The effectiveness of Chinese Herbal Medicine was proved in the treatment of SARS in 2003 and pharmaceutical research, which identified its antiviral activity against SARS-CoV in Vero cell-based screening considers as promising, novel anti-coronavirus drug candidates based on Chinese Herbal remedies *1,2. Furthermore, most recently in the Coronavirus crisis in China in 2020, Chinese Herbal Medicine has been widely used in both prevention and treatment of 2019-nCoV with positive results *3,4.


Due to the critical and extensive morbidity of Coronavirus worldwide and there being no vaccine to prevent COVID-19 and no specific allopathic antiviral medicine known to be effective in treating COVID-19 *5,6, we feel it is our responsibility to offer protection to our communities in the form of herbal medicine. We have appointed Dr. Jifu Li, Professor of Chengdu TCM University and chief consultant of Sichun Provincial TCM Hospital to make an “Anti-Viral Herbal Formula”. Dr. Li has formulated two herbal products to address this issue.


Formula One is based on the concept in Chinese medical philosophy which states that if “healthy energy exists inside the body, pathogens will not attack” and is specifically designed for the most susceptible people in the population, the elderly, children and people with low immune systems due to chronic disease. The formula strengthens the vital energy in the body to prevent the virus taking hold.

Formula two is based on the principle in Chinese Medicine that all disease starts with high body temperature (Heat Conditions). It says “when Heat invades, it first upsets the Lungs (the respiratory system)”, so Formula Two is designed for people with coughs, fever, fatigue and breathlessness in the early stage of the infection. The herbal concoction in Formula Two not only resolves the symptoms, but more importantly prevents the progression of the disease to the more severe stage.


Both Formula One and Two are made from pure Chinese herbs, boiled and strained, and sealed in plastic bags. For Formula One, it is recommended to take one pack each time, twice a day, half an hour before food, 6 days in a row and have one day off in the same week. For example, taking one bag of the herbal concoction twice a day from Monday to Saturday, and no herbs on Sunday. Repeat one more time in the following week and the full course is finished. For Formula Two, take one pack each time, 3 times a day, two hours after food, for 6 days and repeat for one more week.

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