COVID-19 Level 4 Lockdown


Auckland is at Level 4 ALert until 20th Septermber 2021.

stay home

Measures that can be applied at Level 4 are:

  • Everyone must now stay home but only leave home to shop for groceries, access necessary healthcare, get a COVID-19 test and only make physical contact with those in your household bubble;
  • Wear a face covering and keep 2 metres social distance;
  • Exercise in your local area;
  • All public facilities must close;
  • If you are unwell, do NOT go outside;
  • Health and medical facilities will remain open while we are at Alert Level 4, if you have any respiratory symptoms, call Healthline and organize to be tested for Covid-19.

We are unable to open the clinic but will carry on our practice by Zoom Telehealth and couriering herbal medicines to help new and routine patients without being interrupted by the lockdown.

Book in for Telehealth ConsultationCall (09) 929-3631


We have done this before – we can do it again, to overcome the difficulties the lockdown has caused.

Thank you for your co-operation at this time. We look forward to working with you to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

Stay safe and thank you for having the health care at Natural Harmony Clinic.

Kia Kaha