Congratulations on the 28 babies arrived in 2021!


2021 might be a sad year with lockdowns, COVID cases and panics, however it might also be a happy year for the families who harvested babies safely and healthily!



1st Baby: Tristan, Male, 3.77Kg

2nd Baby: Maia, Female, 7.4 pounds



3rd Baby: Mae, Female, 4.045Kg

4th Baby: Rylyn, Male, 3.3Kg



5th Baby: Ayla, Female, 3.2Kg

6th Baby: Quin, Female, 3.4Kg



7th Baby: Elise, Female, 2.39Kg

8th Baby: Aksh, Male, 3.2Kg




9th Baby: Athaliah, Female, 3.4Kg

10th Baby: Aariel, Female, 3.1Kg

11th Baby: Maioha, Female, 8.6 Pounds

12th Baby: Ava, Female, 2.785Kg

13th Baby: Fallon, Female, 3Kg

14th Baby: Enda, Female, 2.95Kg

15th Baby: Louie, Male, 2.9Kg

16th Baby: Azalea, Female, 2.84Kg

17th Baby: André, Male, 3.6Kg

18th Baby: K.H’s baby, Male, 3.33Kg

19th Baby: Yodha, Male, 3.01Kg

20th Baby: Samuel, Male, 3.29Kg

21st Baby: Luna, Female, 3.2Kg

22nd Baby: Luca, Male, 3.29Kg

23rd Baby: S.M’ baby, Male, 7.6 Pounds

24th Baby, Alicia, Female, 3.94Kg, the father is 60 years old

25th Baby: Izaan, Male, 3Kg

26th Baby: Ellie, Female, 7.0 Pounds

27th Baby: P.J’s baby, Male, 3.05Kg

28th Baby: Kiara, Female, 2.3Kg

Congratulations to you all!