Congratulations to Ms. L.W’s pregnancy in April 2019!

Ms. L.W has confirmed pregnant on Day 31 by the HCG blood test on 5th April 2019, at the very early stage of pregnancy!

And the pregnancy was further proven by another HCG test on 12th April Day 38, along with the increasing Progesterone and Estrogen!

Congratulations to you and family!

Congratulations to Ms. R.B’s pregnancy in March 2019!

Ms. R.B has confirmed the pregnancy on Day 37 by the HCG blood test on 28 March 2019, which indicated strong attachment with the reading of 1,000+ !

And this is her second pregnancy after our fertility acupuncture, with her first baby born on 28/07/2017!

Her feedback about the experience of having acupuncture for the first pregnancy:

Congratulations to your family, Ayla will have a little sibling soon!

Congratulations to Ms. M.V.M’s pregnancy in February 2019!

Ms. M.V.M is confirmed pregnancy by HCG blood test on 20/02/2019!

She had 18 eggs collected after ovulation promoting acupuncture but only achieved 1 embryo, and the only embryo has implanted successfully after the uterine-receptivity enhancing acupuncture!

Congratulations to the precious success to you!

Congratulations to the arrival of baby Riley on 13/12/2018!

The 7th birth of 2018 acupuncture fertility success, baby Riley was born on 13/12/2018, weighing 2.72Kg!

Anne birth 1

Anne birth 2

His mother Ms. A.W confirmed the pregnancy on 18/04/2018!

Congratulations to Ms. A.W and your family for the best Christmas present ever!

Congratulations to your arrival baby Olivia and Cooper!

The first birth of our fertility acupuncture success in 2018 was on 06/09/2018, Ms. W.L’s twins of Olivia and Cooper were born on 33 weeks + 6 days, weighing 1.38kg and 2.06kg, both are healthy:-)

The pregnancy was confirmed on 12/02/2018:

Wincy 4

Congratulations to your family!

Acupuncture Increases the Pregnancy Rate for Women Undergoing IVF but Does Not Improve the Live Birth Outcome??

A research article entitled “Effects of Acupuncture versus Sham Acupuncture on Live Births among Women Undergoing In-Vitro Fertilization, A Randomized Clinical Trail” had been published in the May 2018 issue of Journal of American Medical Association, written by Prof. Caroline Smith of Australia. Dr. Jenny attended a presentation of this research by Prof. Smith herself in August 2017 before its publication.

Prof. Caroline Smith–*Effects of Acupuncture versus Sham Acupuncture on Live Births among Women Undergoing In-Vitro Fertilization, A Randomized Clinical Trail

As expected the trial reinforced what other research into the benefits of acupuncture in IVF outcomes has found [1-4] , higher clinical pregnancy rates with the use of acupuncture in conjunction with IVF treatment (25.7% and 21.7% in this study) in contrast to the IVF success rate (20%) on its own [5]. However surprisingly, the final conclusion in this study was “findings do not support the use of acupuncture as a means to improve the rate of live births among women undergoing IVF.”

“These results raised a few questions in my mind and I disagree with this conclusion, therefore I wrote an article to raise awareness of the research methods used, and share my thoughts on ways to improve the validity and reliability of study results.”

Dr. Jenny Li*Acupuncture Increases the Pregnancy Rate for Women Undergoing IVF but Does Not Improve the Live Birth Outcome? Questionable Conclusion Based on a Large Sampled Acupuncture/ IVF Randomized Controlled Trial


[1] DIETERLE S, YING G, HATZMANN W, et al. Effect of acupuncture on the outcome of in vitro 
fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection: a randomized, prospective, controlled 
clinical study [J]. Fertility and sterility, 2006, 85(5): 1347-51.
[2] BALK J, CATOV J, HORN B, et al. The relationship between perceived stress, acupuncture,
and pregnancy rates among IVF patients: a pilot study [J]. Complementary therapies in clinical 
practice, 2010, 16(3): 154-7.
[3] PAULUS W E, ZHANG M, STREHLER E, et al. Influence of acupuncture on the pregnancy rate 
in patients who undergo assisted reproduction 
therapy [J]. Fertility and sterility, 2002, 77(4): 721-4.
[4] WESTERGAARD L G, MAO Q, KROGSLUND M, et al. Acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer 
significantly improves the reproductive outcome in infertile women: a prospective, 
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[5] HAAN G. Effects and Costs of In-Vitro Fertilization: Again, Let'sBe Honest [J]. 
International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, 1991, 7(4): 585-93.

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