22nd Baby of 2021, congratulations on the arrival of baby Luca on 16th November 2021!


Baby Luca arrived 2 weeks earlier than the due date on 16th November 2021, weighing 3.29Kg!



His parents had failed 4 cycles of IVF but fell pregnant naturally in March after our Hormone Balancing Acupuncture and Fertility Enhancement herbal medicine!






Congratulations to your family!

No.30 Pregnancy of 2021, congratulations to Ms. K.G in November 2021 at the age of 40!


The 30th fertility success in 2021 was from the 40 years old Ms. K.G at her 1st IVF and the 1st Embryo transfer!




The pregnancy has been further confirmed by the dating scan at 7 weeks on 7th December 2021!



Congratulations to you for the great achievement!


3rd baby of 2021, congratulations on the arrival of Mae on 28th February 2021!

The 3rd Natrual Harmony Baby of 2021 was born on 28th February from a home birth, weighing 4.045Kg!

The natural pregnancy was achieved in June 2020 with everything going well during the whole time!

Congratulations to Ms. E.J and your family!