Congratulations to your PhD graduation Dr. Jenny Li!

Dr. Jenny has been awarded her PhD of Acupuncture majored Gynaecology and Fertility in June 2018!

Since 2015 to 2018, Dr. Jenny has been working hard on her clinical research of “Improving Fertility Outcomes for Women Having Primary Ovarian Insufficiency by Acupuncture”, and accomplished the thesis with 233 patients and significant difference between Acupuncture and Non-acupuncture control group.

Congratulations to your great achievement Dr. Jenny!

Congratulations to your arrival baby Pine on 20/05/2018!

Baby girl Pine of Ms. Monita. S was born on 20/05/2018 from a C-section, weighing 6 Pounds:-)

What her mum M.S said on 08/02/2018:

I’m a 45yr old female who suffers from very heavy periods and dangerously low iron levels. My partner and I tried for years to have a baby naturally, only to be told by our GP as well as many online sources that it was highly unlikely at my age.

About 2 years ago we were surprised to be told I was pregnant. Sadly it wasn’t mean to be as our baby had no heartbeat at 6weeks and I eventually miscarried by week 7.

We came across the Harmony Clinic website about a year ago and read all the reviews on the positive experiences many families had through alternative Chinese medicine. Feeling a bit unsure, we thought “what do we have to lose?” At my first meeting with Jenny, I found her to be very knowledgeable about female & male fertility, as she took the time to explain a lot of things to me as well as walk me through ways to improve one’s health and chances of conceiving a baby naturally.

We started the acupuncture treatments on a weekly basis, and every time we attended the appointments – Jenny was always so kind and caring, but at the same time very informative and gave us a lot of sensible and great advice for a healthier lifestyle for both myself and my partner. We took on board all of Jenny’s advice and even attended a fertility seminar, which she had kindly invited us to.

We can honestly say, that Jenny definitely knows what she’s talking about, because a few months after meeting Jenny – our GP confirmed last September that we’re pregnant. One of the first people we had to tell was Jenny. Because she’s pretty much been with us throughout our journey. At my age everything is harder, the morning sickness was terrible, but Jenny helped with that too. I’m now 6months pregnant, have had 3 scans so far which show our healthy baby girl growing and moving with a lot of energy. We now see Jenny once a month to ensure I remain healthy throughout the pregnancy.

We’ve been through so much, but Jenny has been there every step of the way for us. She’s more than just our acupuncturist – Jenny is like family to us.
For anyone who believes it’s not possible to have a baby naturally later in life – we encourage you to not give up hope. Because we didn’t give up.

Thank you Jenny for everything.

Monita. S, Manurewa(* Results are varied from person to person)

Congratulations to your arrival Baby Khadija!


Baby Khadija was born on 18/05/2018, from a natural birth!

What her mum said on 22/11/2017:

We been trying to have baby for 5 years and went for IVF program in December 2016. Jenny has been taking care of my health and making sure my body is ready to accept the embryo.

I had a long treatment with Jenny before my IVF. Doctor found I had a hyperthyroid and therefore I had to put it under control otherwise it can cause miscarriage. So I went to Jenny for acupuncture, to re balance my hormones. It took me less than a year to bring my thyroid level back to normal. The specialist was surprise I had a speedy recovery. I’m sure Jenny’s acupuncture play a big roles in balancing my hormones level.

Both of my fallopian tubes was blocked. Through laparoscopy, the gynocologist had to drained and clipped it, so the toxic water won’t go to the uterus and kill / flush out the embryo. It will increase the chances of successful IVF by clipping it, but it means I have no chance of natural pregnancy.

My first embryo transfer was not successful. However, it was shown that the hormones level was increase significantly after I had treatments with Jenny.

Second embryo from the same cycle is transferred and I’m now 9 weeks pregnant. Jenny did acupuncture couple of times before the embryo transfer, on the day of the embryo transfer, then continuously doing acupuncture once a week up to week 12.

Too many factors involve in the IVF process, no one can really tell you why it is not successful. But I would strongly recommend you to go and see Jenny for acupuncture treatment, because your body will be re balance and it will definitely boost up the success chance of IVF. Not only a brilliant and knowledgeable acupuncturist Jenny is, she is the loveliest and most caring person, that you can be assure of you are in the best hand!

“The most amazing thing is that my AMH value changed from 3.1 to 8.9! ”


I started having acupuncture with Jenny in June 2017. I used to have lots of cramps and headache before and during my periods, however, just after two or three times acupuncture with her, I don’t have headache anymore and just have a little bit cramps. Right now I don’t have PMS anymore and my pulse improved from “very weak” to “good”.

The most amazing thing is that my AMH value changed from 3.1 to 8.9! I was told by the fertility specialist that AMH can’t be improved and that it decreases by age so I am glad I didn’t give up and keep doing the weekly acupuncture. Jenny’s treatment is very unique and professional, she is also very caring during the treatment to make sure I don’t get cold and can relax. She is also a very friendly person to chat with.

I highly recommend Jenny and wish more couples can be benefited from her.

Jade L. C, Howick(* Results are varied from person to person)

“I believe my pregnancy never would of happened without the help of Jenny and I will forever be grateful!"


I wanted to show how much I appreciated Jenny’s healing and advise for my case so others can hopefully read and experience miracles too. My story is below.

I got married in March 2017 and my husband and I decided a couple of months later we would like to start a family together. I had been on the Depo Provera contraceptive injection for ten years and had the last one not long before our wedding. Being on this injection you do not experience any regular cycles or bleeding. I knew to give it six months to get it out of my system then was hoping for a cycle to take place but this never happened.

I went to see a gynaecologist who sent me for an ultrasound and blood test and said that my endometrium lining was very thin at only 1mm, and it would take a long time to get my cycles back. I started to do my own research and found Jenny Li’s clinic, she looked very knowledgeable and experienced so I was very keen to meet her and made an appointment for a few days later.

I had my first acupuncture session on the 16/08/2017 and continued to see her once a week. She recommended I started a herbal treatment as well because my lining was so thin and my job made me exhausted. I started this treatment on the 07/09/2017. Then on the 17/10/2017 I experienced my very first menstrual cycle in over ten years! This was only after two months of acupuncture and a month of taking the herbal medicine!

We decided to wait one cycle before trying for a baby and started trying the next cycle while I continued acupuncture and the herbal medicine. On the 16/01/2018 I found out that I was pregnant and on the 18/01/2018 my HCG was 230. I am currently 13 weeks pregnant with a little boy due in September 2018.

I believe this never would of happened without the help of Jenny and I will forever be grateful!

Vanessa K, Onehunga(* Results are varied from person to person)

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Congratulations to your PhD graduation Dr. Jenny Li!

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