Herbal Medicine- Organic Supplement

How herbal medicine works

939528_014046331_2Like Acupuncture, herbal treatment is a major branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine that involves the utilization of specially prepared herbs. Chinese Herbal Medicine has the same core philosophies of “Holism” and “Individualization” as acupuncture, which both have as their focus the balancing of the systems of the body to achieve holistic healing. Herbal medicine is tailored to each individual, unlike factory-made drugs.

939528_014046331_2A standard herbal treatment generally consists of three steps: consultation with the practitioner, having the treatment protocol and herbs prescribed by the practitioner, and the processing of the herbs to produce the appropriate product, which may include concoctions, syrups, pills, tablets, plasters and ointments for either oral administration or external use.


If prescribed herbs to be taken orally the following instructions should be adhered to:
Take the herbal concoction 2-3 times a day, away from food. The first and/or dose is/are to be taken two hours after breakfast and/or lunch, with the last dose half an hour before dinner. Do not dilute the concoction, but drink the entire sachet, warmed in a microwave or soaked in hot water to bring it to body temperature.

Herbal Treatment is generally safe with rarely any side effects. However, it may be hard for some individuals to accept the smell and flavour of the herbs. It is recommended that they are mixed with honey to soften the taste, if this is an issue.


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