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Acupuncture is one of the oldest healthcare used since 2,500 years ago for wellbeing promotion and disease healing. A variety of techniques that applies stimulation on acupuncture points are used to restore the balance and energy that has been lost in pathogenic conditions and illness.

Not only are fertility and validity improved by acupuncture, but also a person’s sense of calm, their ability to cope with stress, and stabilization of mood, are greatly enhanced. This helps them to cope with the possible negative results of fertility treatment…

Acupressure, also called “Tuina”, is a complete healing system that harmonizes yin and yang and regulates the vital energy (Qi) by using rhythmic compression on the distributions of channels.

Acupressure is much more specifically therapeutic than massage and is used for physiological healing of chronic pain caused by musculoskeletal conditions, neurological conditions, as well as for psychological disorders such as tension and stress…

Chinese herbal treatment is based on philosophies of “Holism” and “Individualization” as acupuncture, but involves the utilization of specially prepared herbs and is generally safe with rarely any side effects.

Unlike factory-made drugs, Chinese herbal medicine is tailored to each individual with the focus on balancing of the body systems to achieve holistic healing…

Tianjiu is a non-invasive therapy in which a processed Chinese herbal paste is placed on a sticky patch and then applied to certain acupuncture points on the human body. It is designed to open the pores and promote energy and blood circulation.

The application of a targeted herbal plaster to the skin surface acts in the same way as a vaccination, stimulating the body to produce her/his own antihistamine and anti-inflammatory which provide protection from further outbreaks of the disease including allergies and chronic health conditions…

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