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Our daughter was diagnosed in August 2020 with POI at 12 years of age. It was a massive shock and as her mother I was reluctant to accept the ‘western’ diagnosis as final and searched for different types of treatment. Her FSH was 115.3 and LH 56.8.

When I found out about Dr Jenny we had a really good informative first meeting where she explained really well to our daughter on what basis the diagnosis had been made – this took an hour or so looking at pictures and gentle explanations. We then began 1 x hour treatments twice a week combined with Dr Jenny’s tonic. Gradually we have seen the very high FSH and LH drop although this has taken a couple of years – we had no idea it would take so long but can now fully understand how you’ve got to change the inner mechanics of the body which can be a long process. For our daughter there were other contributing factors I think like some anxiety and low weight – and you can imagine the diagnosis didn’t help either of these at all, if anything made it worse. But each time we see Dr Jenny she is positive, happy and super encouraging to our daughter – we really look forward to seeing her.

The western answer was to attach an HRT patch and accept you’ll be wearing it for life and oh by the way it’s highly unlikely you will have your own child with your own eggs. Dr Jenny has been great explaining to our daughter that this doesn’t have to be the case and has treated our daughter on a ‘whole of body’ perspective which in our opinion is much better.

Because our daughter was so young we chose to do a combination if some western and some eastern treatment. So in conjunction with twice weekly visits to Dr Jenny, we also used a very small HRT patch and have increased it bit by bit just because our daughter literally had no oestrogen and it’s so important to her growth and development. We didn’t start the HRT patches until around 6 months after seeing Dr Jenny; in the interim most all of her menopausal symptoms disappeared and she felt much happier generally. She was literally having to leave her classroom as she had hot flushes.

Now just a couple of weeks ago she had her first bleed and her bloods have reduced to FSH 15.1 and LH 3.5 and she has 196 of oestrogen. We’ve taken this ‘win’ and are absolutely thrilled. I think we’ve still got a way to go and expect the blood results might bounce around a bit from time to time and that while we may be able to reduce our visits with Dr Jenny we’ll certainly still be seeing Dr Jenny for some time to come.



Dr Jenny, you’ve been a life saver for us xx


An Auckland family (* Results are varied from person to person)




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